1. Dude, Qigong!! After a day of complete PCS brain numbness, what the hell did I have to lose by trying it out. When I meditate for 20mins plus I am always left with an electrical charge burning sensation in my hands. Someone told me it was a build up of Qi, so tonight after 20 mins meditation I tried out 30mins of Qigong and it was stressful on my body, but by the end I felt that enters flow out into the ground. Thank you once again sir. I am in the development stages of starting my own vlog and I will constantly be crediting you for starting me down this path.

  2. 10 months in…slowly getting better…but still being extra careful, as I'm so afraid of major setback like in November where I was in a bad state for a month. Am feeling hopeful for the future…excited on one hand but cautious and unsure…..

  3. Hi Geoff. Another great video, glad you have made significant progress. Acceptance of the whole thing is really important. Not sure I will start the Qigon but I am loving getting back to the exercise I used to do, and I am also happier new me that drinks less and is a little more empathetic. Always remember THIS DOES END.

  4. Thank you for the post. I have spoken to you before long ago. I just hit my 1 year on February 1 of this year. So far most medicines were unsuccessful so I turned to meditation. I tried the oak app, but I enjoyed the insight timer a little more because of the guided meditations. I still struggle with the darkness and the physical symptoms. Most of my physical and emotional symptoms go hand in hand and can fuel each other. I too have found that the more time I spend looking back, the more I realize I will never be who I was and I am working so hard to change and control my emotional response. I had a really bad set back last night that nearly killed me. I almost gave in but I didn’t. I want to fight, I want to find peace and love within myself and gwt through this. I feel very alone most of the time, and your posts really help me feel like there is hope. I’ve tried to find groups but that remains unsuccessful. I will not give up. I have turned to a spiritual/meditative route. I’m also quitting my concussion meds and adopting medical cannibus. I can feel myself improving in ways but I know I need guidance and help. Thank you for posting. You are helping much more than you may believe. You offer hope and comfort to people like me who tend to be afraid of what is happening inside my head. So thank you. This has been a journey for us all who suffer from PCS.

  5. Someone told me recently that my brain injury does not define me, it is a challenge that I face. It was a good reminder, and somehow watching your videos where it is so clear to me that who you are is not defined by PCS…is helpful. Connection to others going through this is so important, like you say. I'm so excited for you that you've found integrative medicine, and cranial sacral, etc. And I just ordered the acupressure mat, in pink!! I think reducing neck / shoulder tension is a big deal. Also, just returned to Paleo which I think is very similar to ketogenic diet? I have also found that it helps a lot. Thank you for continuing to share your journey,

  6. how do you stay so positive, sometimes i think i hate everyone. stupid little things people do to make life more difficult. sometimes i think the world is overpopulated. i thank you though for pointing it out to me exactly how negative i have become.

  7. ketones, geoff. not sure if ketosis is a word? but brain only really burns them when there is no sugar present, so it would probably keep brain from overworking, but i am thinking a little sugar now and then may be a good idea. not that you can ever not have sugar in the blood anyway. but if you need to use brain during the day, a small candy may give it a little boost.

  8. What an inspiring video. Especially when you said don’t go back move on. And accepting the new vocation opportunities you are looking into and how you feel it’s more important then reviewing alcohol. Love that embracing what’s new. I was doing two post graduate degrees at two different universities and now I can’t even watch a documentary show. Love what you said.

  9. So happy to see you so full of energy and life Geoff 😊👍 sounds like you've found the new you and are embracing yourself. Stay on this path and you'll achieve amazing things.

  10. Thank you so much for this video! Today marks 6 months post injury and my neurologist and vestibular therapist just suggested going keto and trying Qigong this week, and it’s nice to hear someone who’s benefiting from both!

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