1. For me if I was at a gunshot in a school if i was close to my locker i would lock myself untill it stops bcause i can be in a hall getting my things for the next period blah blah blah and i would get my phone so that i can call or like text someone

  2. Im going to describe a shooting in a very sarcastic way.

    Oof so I went to school and like there was a pencil of on the floor…..HA hA ha ha……poof Bang clack clonk oh no a guy with a weird killing thing…..BaNg….oooooooffff….well so my friends died let me go tell the teacher…..do do do oH gOd ShEs DeAD WhAT WiLl I Do….* steps on teacher * my friends died…..HeLp Me……blAnG….oh no I died oof…..wait I did not die I got shot in the botox oh well…..let’s keep walking….oh hey it’s that pencil ha……hA….hA……oOf I died blahahahaha…

  3. I'm so glad that my school doesn't do the sitting duck thing anymore where we have to hide in the classroom and wait for someone to either save us or shoot us. Recently we have been practicing going to the nearest exit and escaping, outside windows, but all depending on where the shooter is of course.

  4. I think the question “do you know what you’d do in that situation?” is too tough to answer. I live in the US and have had students threaten to shoot up my school and it’s a scary feeling. If that were to happen i don’t know what i’d do really. if i was in a class on the first floor i’d disrespect my teacher and tell my class to help me open the windows and get out?, if i was on the second floor i’d hide in a closet in the room? i guess you don’t really know what you’d do till it actually happens. it’s a horrible feeling that we go to school to learn yet crazy people have to ruin that? the government has to get gun violence under control, it’s really getting out of hand. i’m honestly considering home school for my future children cause if they don’t contain it now, it’s only going to get worse.

  5. Why can’t we just support gun control, AND armed security? If I have to go through a thousands loops and hurdles to get my hands on a gun because of all the gun control, and then know I’m likely to have to deal with armed security forces once I get to the school? Yeah no why would anyone do that. I’d rather live in a world where people who attempt school shootings are branded as idiots for basically commuting suicide by cop and killing no one, than live in a world where I’m just waiting for the day where my school shooting training MIGHT help me. Neither side of the political spectrum has bad ideas, it’s just were so focused on pointing the finger instead of doing something meaningful.

  6. In my school we have a neighborhood,it’s pretty small but anyway,One day,Me and My 2 best friends we’re on the bus to go to school.So then my bus driver got an call that said “There’s an active shooter on school grounds,DO NOT LET THE KIDS GO OUT OF THE BUS.”Unfortunately,my friend and I got off the bus,but we we’re called back.Then We went to Sear’s And we were all just confused and wondering why this was happening.Then when it was over,my friend told me that she was in the music room with my Music Teacher.She said she heard the gun shots,but no one was hurt,and that’s all that matters to me.

    Thank you for reading my experience!❤️

  7. Once there was a guy at my old school with a knife and I gurl from my old school saw him and she ran but half the school knew and the teachers didn’t really do a lock down Mabey because it was at lunch but then the police showed up

  8. We had a school shooting and he was knocking on the door of every class, we heard him loading his gun in the hall. I was terrified, I had a argument with my mom and I never said “I love you” when I left and I felt so bad I was crying. I thought, “well this is it” and the shooter got closer and closer. He made it in. I was like O👏M👏G👏 I am going to die today. But once it was over the man got arrested, and 4 people got shot 😥

  9. In my School if there is a shooter and their in a different part of the school like down stairs or far away from our area were supposed to run down the back hidden Stair case literally ZOOM out of school and run as far as you can until you can't see the school and our teachers some have bats and their like I'll beat the hell out of em

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