1. I just picked up some of this for the first time and I have to say you're review brings happiness to my lungs I've never seen you this Stone before so I know it's going to be good

  2. I am smoking kandy kush now such a great strain makes me giggly and everything is funny. its very sweet sticky it will give you mad munchies and cotton mouth but its worth it:)

  3. I believe Candy Kush originated in Amsterdam. Its an Indica dominant hybrid, although the high resembles that of a sativa. Its originally a cross between OG Kush & Medijuana. I think AMS seeds still have this strain in their collection.

  4. You really call non recreational off brand?? Bro weed hasn't always been recreational man some people don't grow recreational don't have to call non rec off brand no hate Jsin

  5. How do you increase THC levels in our weed, or is it more luck of the draw. We all use basically the same fertilizers. Nitrogen PHOSPHATE, AND SO ON. Whats your thought. Also, who do your recommend for seed purchases. I'm like you, smoked for long time, need the good stuff. Thanks again.

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