1. Hi, love your video an could you please tell me what is the best way to store your gummy‘s and how long will they last thank you. I love your highlights. I have watched a lot of videos on gummy’s but yours is the first one that I ever commented on keep up the good work.

  2. When infusing cannabis and unrefined coconut oil l also incorporate the sunflower lecithin. Icing sugar will make them sweat better to lightly dust them with corn flour.

  3. I've now tried my hand at a recipe for gummies and feel like each time I can't get my tincture or shatter to infuse properly. I have been using lecithin as well. First I used decarbed shatter and I feel like it didnt incorporate well, 2nd I made with my green dragon tincture, mixed that with a tsp. Of lecithin before adding to my gelatin mix and I swear ONE gummy got all the ganga!

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