FLORIDA Medical Marijuana ♡ Review! ♡ | truCLEAR: BANANA KUSH

a review of the banana kush strain of truCLEAR from Trulieve in Florida! Plus: where is all the truCLEAR?! Plus my cat makes an appearance *bad joke at 0:23 …


  1. thinking of doing this just to have a variety of products to try from. I want to get some GSC again BABY
    EDIT: I forgot to mention that I would like to buy medically to just get alleviation from pinched nerve from my neck and shoulder/arm. Fuck it I also want to get rooted and booted. Banana kush…. Lol

  2. Each batch of Truclear contains a different cannabinoid profile. The last batch of Banana Kush I purchased had 1.5% CBD and 4% CBG and was very relaxing. Prior batches of Banana Kush were only .3 % CBD. You need to really read the label before you buy. Some batches of Truclear are better than others…

  3. Is the banana kush similar to the girl scout cookie?? I ask because i prefer to get the truclears but trulieve doesnt carry GSC in truclear but outta all the strains they have the GSC makes me feel the most happy feeling but who wants to pay 74 dollars for 600g so I'm trying to find a product that they have in the truclear that feels similar to the gsc. Would u say the BAK is similar?

  4. Thanks for sharing experiences with the different products. I’m waiting for my approval but in the meantime doing my research so I can be ready for my first purchase. Take care!

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