EASY DIY BHO open blast wax shatter dab dabs

Remember to do this outside or in a well ventilated area!! In this video you’ll see how I made one of my batches of shatter wax dabs.. I used 11x ultra refined …


  1. I heat purge under vacuum pressure from 95°-110° . NO OPEN FLAMES!!! I recommend purging under vacuum pressure for over 48 hrs.(Why do you do this? Can you explain it to me? This is a process I don't understand.)

  2. Yes everyone is a critic.
    Neon butane is terrible it always made my shatter wax up after a short period. I use "whip-it" now and it works much better.
    If you do purge for a long period do it at a very low temp or it will also wax up.
    Mess with it as little as possible if you're blasting only an once or two then you really only need to purge an hour or 2. The amount you yield depends mostly on the quality of the material you're blasting. I use a 20in glass tube and run 1200ml per blast I'll hit double digits every time.

  3. How do you use the blasting tube? Do ypu leave the lever at the bottom that lets the oil excape closed until its full of butane waiting to explode out? How many cans of butane do you run before you open the escape valve and let the oil pour out?

  4. Just a question isn't that gas u use toxic af if that goes in with thc won't that shit go in you're lungs not experienced with wax i only do hash and weed really want to try to make my own dabs but this isn't toxic?

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