Dog Urine Lawns Spring, Lawn Chemical Safety, Lawn Ice Rink | Episode 11

Dog urine lawns this spring, spring lawn seeding and pre emergents plus some talk of sod and such out in Utah – lawn care nut podcast #LawnCareNut …


  1. Just a quick question, what problems do you have with Matt Martin? Was that a joke or do you not agree with his thoughts? Just curious. Feel free to message as I don't want any chaos.

  2. LCN thank you for everything!

    I am a new home owner and wanting to start making my lawn the best on the street! I have no clue what the old owners did to lawn so I am going act like they did nothing. I have some heavy moss spots as well as a lovely patch that is dominated by shade so nothing is growing. I am trimming down trees to get more sunlight where the moss is growing because the ground stays moist for awhile, far as the spot where nothing is growing, I will also be cutting down some trees to open that area up and then will seed in fall.

    Currently my grass is pretty high in some spots so I am going to bag the first go around then going further will mulch. Just got my blade sharpened so it’s ready to go. My question I have though is when is the best time to throw down some post emergents? I live in Southern NJ and temps are finally getting to a stable 60s-70s daily. Another question I have is how often do you throw down your fertilizer? I put one application down 2 weeks ago but not sure how often to throw her down.

    Keep up the great work!

  3. Trussville vs TrussVILLE enunciation really depends on what part of the state you grew up. Those that grew up south of Birmingham generally tend to stress the VILLE and have a more distinctive southern accent. While those from areas north of Birmingham usually would not emphasize the 'ville. I grew up in Montgomery, but have lived in Huntsville 20+ years now. Over the years I have gradually lost most of my southern accent. FWIW, Huntsville gets the same treatment. BTW, I enjoy listening to Jason Creele, too. He is a good guy and indeed has a southern accent.

  4. As far as pet urine is concerned, water pets with filtered/bottled water. It minimizes the NITRATES in urine which causes yellow spots in the lawn. I have a dog that urinates in the lawn and i don't have a single yellow spot. It's that easy.

  5. I'd say 9 times out 10 there's always something just below the ground surface causing bare spots where grass won't grow. It's always been good size rocks for me. This customer who was the squeaky wheel just proves there's folks out there you just can't satisfy no matter what. Smart move probing for debris without removing the culprit. God knows the customer would have hemorrhaged from disturbing the ground. At least this way you can do a show and tell proving your point. Customer probably knew you were right, just couldn't admit it with an apology. Wouldn't surprise me after your meeting he went back in his house and kicked the cat on the way in. ~M

  6. As a pet owner in the northeast my pre emergent is rye grass seed to thickenlawn quickly. My post control is kbg seeding for thickening and spreading. Both applied in early spring and fall

  7. Dallisgrass is the devil and the elephant in the room. Only thing I've used and found acceptable on Bermuda is Target 6, which is a MSMA. Unfortunately none of the big youtubers address this weed because of the MSMA needed. Dallisgrass is way worse than crabgrass here in Virginia. Sorry @lawncarenut but y'all just gloss over this weed.

  8. i like the stories you tell in these videos… fun stuff… recently some of the videos have gotten too sales-sy or education-filled (thou i know u gotta hustle to make a buck), but i really like this new format

  9. Allen, Brian in Salt Lake who has potential Bentgrass. I would caution the dig out and re-sod option, if it is Bent – Nimblewill (Similar looking), Bent is rhizome aggressive grass and if he does not get all the roots it will come right back and larger. I know as I had a 10×10 patch I did that with and it did not work 1year later and it was back and bigger than ever. Tenacity 3x app 2 weeks apart was the only thing that give a permanent kill . Just my thoughts! Chad Upstate NY

  10. Thanks for all the information ..m I have one question.. I know I'm going to reseed in the Fall… I wanted to know if I could use RGS & HUMIC FOR MY GRASS SEED TO HELP GERMINATION

  11. Where I come from we get pretty attached to our snowmen/and or women, and come this time of year we're feeling a little sense of loss. Those bare spots might be all that's left of the poor things.

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