Cartridge Review!! (Kingpen, ROVE, Heavy Hitters, Raw Gardens)

You guys asked for it! Here is four different cartridges, all by a different company. I am showing the packaging, oil, quality and overall smoke on each cartridge!


  1. you can literally get all those cart packages online even dr. zodiac packages are sold online. Just because they are sold at a dispensary doesn’t mean anything it’s not the dispensary’s fault if the carts pass the pesticide test or not they just selling it dumbass they dont give a fuck

  2. Hope you know the higher the volt the more smoke and deeper the hit you will get. Shits not because of how thick the oil is. I smoke using a EVOD TWIST 2 at 4.8v shits the best way if you’re looking to get high in 2-3 hits. FUCK BLINKERS

  3. About to go to Denver later this month , what’s more worth if price wise ? Half grams or full grams ? Only there for a few days 👀🤙🏽 need recommended brands and names !! Please comment

  4. You don’t even know how to smoke hitting them hard ass hits and blowing everything rite out stop wasting yo money dumb ass🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣

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