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  2. Correct me if I am wrong, I am not an expert.
    Doesn’t it make sense that Aurora’s primary future partner will be big Pharma due to there enormous volume of premium flower.
    With secondary partners for recreational and cosmetics etc.
    Also, Aurora’s stock dilution with over a billion shares compared to the outstanding shares of canopy growth would mean that mathematically speaking Aurora is already worth over $120 per share. Not sure if this makes sense?

  3. Is they think that too much middle class people invest in to di marijuana i truly think so soon as you click on a marijuana stock it go and down they are monitoring people phone and computer because wealth didn't make for everybody so people out there have to becarefull please they are monitoring everything people do on technology now!!!..

  4. Aurora will be diluting for sure with those securities and warrants. Warrants equals more shares added once exercised. But overall if they use that money to expand and get a deal, its all good.

  5. What I don't get is why more investors don't see this potential in ACB. Is share dilution the reason that's weighing down their share price? I do worry that they will be diluting even more with the recent 750 mil filing. However, ACB market cap is 9 billion compared to Canopy's 14 billion. Can't wait until next earnings on May 15.

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