Weed is Warfare Series PRT1

NanoTechnology #warfare ( if you’re fighting a war but you are lazy sleeping unmotivated and weak and foggy in thinking you already lost))☠ *thumbnail …


    i Express a desire to the most high to develope the will to stop my attachment to smoking
    I realize there are entities* 👺*here that wany me to forget my ancestral memories and want to cotinue using my vessel to keep me in the lower realms and NEVER reach my potential here* I RECIND PERMISSION NOW
    I ask for help at this time* (sincerely) ANCESTORS,

  2. It is spiritual warfare and you are right . It is being used to keep us down and asleep not enlightened. The seedless souls the tree that doesn't bear fruit.
    Nice video great job!!

  3. I just quit too. Looking forward to watching this vid. Interesting synchronicity- I bought my last bag on March 3rd. Also had no withdrawals, and my dream-states are vivid. I am in NYC too- looks like you were filming near me in Wash Heights. Good vid.

  4. Thank you for bringing this up. I think about a lot of things , but I didn't think that the new pot and it being legalized as having anything to do with one another. My mind is blown. I knew that something was fishy about it, I just didn't get that far thinking about it. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this.

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