1. Training to be good in fortnite so that you can beat others? Just NO JUST FRIKIN NO IDIOT WHAT U GONNA DO IS WALK AND SHOOT AT THE GROUND THATS ALL IDIOTSS

  2. I dont want to get hate but if they have like no jobs and if they want to be better at thıs game fırstly you should play wıth them lıke a year with them in PLAYGROUND mode and teach them everything or else they cant be pros and they probably have jobs and other thıngs they need to do so dont play thıs game ıf you are busy…

  3. All of you guys did not even get a single kill u said u wanted to be more aggressive where is ur aggression all of u have 0 kills. One of the girls was happy because she was top seven with 0 kills😂😂😂😆😆😡😡😡😡🤬😤😠

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