Synthetic Drugs & Effects – The Truth About Drugs Mini-Documentary:

Watch the entire ‘Truth About Drugs’ documentary here: and learn more about Synthetic Drugs like Spice, K2, Flakka, Bath …


  1. I stupidly shared what I thought was a joint with someone in Thailand it freaked me out to the point I was dying my head was fuzzing and I was panicking to the extreme for around 1 hour . Fell asleep to wake up fine . Then three weeks later I smoked what I know was a high in THC joint and it brought all them feeling back but they ended up lasting about a week and still feeling very strange now having strange vivid dreams and can’t go anywhere near cannabis . I used to smoke everyday before all of this never had any problems with weed I’m sure I smoked some form of synthetic …..

  2. This is so relatable. Im 30 now. I smoked between ages 22-24, 80 grams of scooby snacks (synthetic thc) a DAY. And im bipoloar and was mispercribed adderal. It ruined my life. Im glad im off it. Havent touched the stuff in 6 years.

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