Slavoj Žižek – Drugs, Smoking, and Consumerism

Slavoj Žižek on CBC radio, talking about drugs, the perverse reaction to smoking, and consumerism. Full interview can be listened to on our website: …


  1. Actually the capitalisation of cannabis IS really bad for the poorest people AND it will enable even greaters exploitation of the working class doped or every night and slaving all day.

    TAX cannabis as much as possible but use the money for working people and ONLY CANNABIS WORKERS COOPERATIVES, fight capitalism.

  2. The fuck it isn't, smoking.
    Philosophically, this isn't twitter. Base your argument on which is inequipable. The slightest of our youth is less than our history by nature, it is the time-capsule of those with nothing in terms of substantial ideologies to speak to.

  3. When did anti-tobacco specifically anti-tobacco smoking more specifically anti-tobacco cigarette smoking become a trend-to-norm? tobacco isn't intoxicating yet second-hand tobacco smoke specifically second-hand tobacco cigarette smoke and third-hand tobacco smoke specifically third-hand tobacco cigarette smoke are toxic to other's mainstream/first-hand tobacco smoke specifically mainstream/first-hand tobacco cigarette smoke is almost nothing except that you use/consume for stress-relief-and-anxiety-reduction by self-medicating-and-self-administering through-and-under the practice of smoking/combustion besides you focus-and-function or awake-alert-and-aware or buzzed/wired due to the synergy of sort's between all the alkaloid's in the tobacco plant and tobacco is a herbal/botanical substance and essentially a herbal/botanical supplement why move against what is today a legal/licit/lawful white-market cash crop commodity?

  4. I have spent the last year not smoking and missing it deeply. I think Slavoj hits the nail on the head for why that is for me, cigarettes give me that feeling of being outside of the system.

  5. "the very same people who are for legalization at least of soft drugs are fanatical about being more tough on smoking" As much as I like Slavoj, that argument doesn't look strong and seems like a personal oppinion in a form of a universal truth.

  6. as far as communist/marxist intellectuals go, Zizek is a joke. People obsess over him nonetheless, lately because he's perceived as exotic and therefore worth something by that alone.

  7. It's a society of children. Literally. That's why pedophilia is seen as so horrible because it directly makes them face they are more of children than the kids themselves. Look at child targeting commercials involving cereal, toys, etc. It's all "safe" consumerism. But it needs constant thrashing into their psyches.

    Consumerism is a powerful tool. Gorbachev knew that. You need the pizza hut and the big titties to get people subservient and motivated. Nobody wants to do things for self improvement, fulfillment, and humanism… that shit is gay.

    But you know what's gayer? A padded room where you cuck yourself fidget spinning while your bitch is burning the coal. I'd love to discuss with Zizek the concept of "radical capitalism". A self satirical 80s/90s style capitalism without the leash, without the anti-crack commercials. Basically synthwave.

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