1. Cops better stop Antifa from controlling Portland and they’ll solve the problems. Protest the mayor or tell him the cops will stop patrolling for 48 hours. Tax payers will start to flee. Turn the city bankrupt.

  2. Just look at the type of people who are out protesting. They are all the kind who don't work regular jobs and many are out of shape welfare recipients who don't have to work and most likelt are working for a Left Wing org. of George Soros's. Why would cops be protecting them? No, t6he police don't like having to protect them. Thats why they are leaving.

  3. My family moved back to the Portland area in 1974. It was a nice place to live then. Most of the cops were cool, minor transgressions were just a moment of discussion with them. I watched one cop give a woman a serious tongue lashing for pulling a gun on him, but he let her go – without her firearm – once they came to a mutual understanding. (That was in 1982) The police and the people got along for the most part…

    But there were no protests as there are now, there were no looters as there are now, there's no "Naked Bike Ride" as there is now. The city has consistently elected people that can't speak in full sentences without paraphrasing Marx… the last mayor who could was Frank Ivancie. Portland has the government it deserves. The only thing left is to have all the conservatives leave the city, build a wall around it, telling the citizens it's to protect them from "the evil Trump supporters"… then electrify the fence and never let the inmates out. As tis would indeed be a prison, they lose the right to vote while incarcerated, and rural Oregon gets a say in Oregon politics again.

    It's a win-win.

  4. Maybe you should do a little research into reports by ex officers about the fact that they left the forces after being singled out for being “good cops” and reporting corruption and misuse of power. Most “good cops” get forced out of their positions by superiors. Any so called “good cops” that don’t actively fight corruption, racism, and abuse of power are no better than the bad cops.

  5. Fuck all the antifa little punks! Antifa is the new Nazis, not the police. I can't stress this enough, FUCK YOU ALL ANTFINA EAT SHIT AND DIE LITTLE PUNKS! TERRORIST IS WHAT THEY ARE STRIGHT UP, TERRORIST! Covering their faces is so chicken shit, do you hide your face so mommy and daddy don't see you acting like a terrorist. I'll bet their families are proud of them. O and by the way I'm not from Portland and I dislike the actions of the kid terrorist and the video!

  6. Well. This is what Happens if things go to Shit.
    They dont First go to Shit on the Things which cause them to go Shit.
    They go Shit First on the Things which try to Prevent them from going Shit.

    For Fairness Said tough.
    This is a Bit of a thing that the Police has Bought onto themselves. (Not alone mind you. The Government and Officials are the ones with the Biggest Powers and thus are also the Ones mostly at Fault for this one. But the Police including its own Leadership Staff are not innocent on this either)

    Police Officers having been Involved in massive Racism at several Places in the USA is a Fact. And not just Since Yesterday. Problems like this have Occured over the last 20 Years again and again.
    But this Happening is not the Problem. A Few Cases of such Issues would not really Tip the Scales in the Public.

    What is tipping the Scales here. Is that the Higher Ups as well as his Colleagues almost always have Covered for these "few Bad Officers". Thus them getting away with it either entirely without any Consequences or with them just being Transfered or something.

    And so the Public will do a Simple Thing. If the one who is at Fault is being Covered by the Organization. Then the Public will Blame that Organization for all of his Crimes.

    Its True that there is always a few Bad Apples. And its also True that alot of the Police Officers are Just Nice and Brave People trying to do their Job.
    But this Job also is to Sort out Bad Apples among themselves and make sure that Misbehavior in their own Ranks is Policed Strictly and Consequently.
    And Pls note. Everyone knows how hard it is to Turn on a Friend in such Cases. Even more so when that Friend might just have been Stressed out or was otherwise in a situation where you could understand why he Overreacted or made that Mistake.
    But the moment a Police Force does not Apply the Full Force of the Law on themselves. They will no longer be Seen as a Force of Protection for the Citizens. But as a Force of Corruption and Oppression.

    And once that Happens. Its almost Impossible to Reverse.
    Because Officials will be Scared to Side with the Police.
    And whatever Problem the Police has will be hard to get Through. Because it will be Drowned by the Public Opinion on the Police Forces earlier Actions.

  7. People who put the rights of illegal aliens an minority groups over the rights of the rest of us are the "evil oppressors" in my opinion! I think you'd want to be a Portland police officer just so you could arrest more of these stupid people, and give a criminal record while you're at it!

  8. After a Timbers game, waiting for a bus, I watched fans continuously verbally berate the police that were directing traffic, keeping things organized. Portlanders are fucktards.

  9. It's about time that white people in America woke up &, first, started paying attention, then, 2nd, started fighting back, but fighting back together with your white brothers & sister's. It's time that we realized that "the Left" that I keep hearing people blame, doesn't exist because there is no Right. All of the Pigs in Congress are on the same team & that isn't the team we are on. They are all treators.
    The police standing down & allowing riots to continue is only a small glimpse of what is taking place in every country where whites are the majority. In England, they've stopped arresting people for certain crimes. Those people are who commit those petty crimes are 99% black or Muslim. So, because they won't be arrested, pretty much all of them commit the crime. So, they've given a green light for people to behave like animals & so they do.
    In our country, the Border Wall is a stupid, meaningless piece of nonsense that lets them pretend to argue back & forth about it. We argue about it as if it mattered. And the whole time, the border is being flooded daily by illegals that the media pretends not to know about.
    The plan that they have for white people is to murder most of us & enslave the rest. You're little son & duaghter are going to attend schools where they are spit on & slapped & beaten up & raped, daily.
    You better wake up now & get angry! And fight together or you will die separately.

  10. My son wanted to be a police officer but then he decided that there is no way he will die by trying to save someone and that someone then tries to kill HIM and he will not risk his life daily just to be hated. He said it’s if because he is part black that he is hated because some other part black person did something bad. He will not pay the consequences for some other person’s decisions.

  11. These people are an infestation of trash lower than whatever scum is below a cockroach. They are a cancer, reflecting the absolute worst any human can become. They are the sub par, the weak minded, and the need to stand united against them, is greater than ever.

  12. One thing that wasn't mentioned is the fact that Washington County is withholding resources (back up) to Portland, not because of the gang presence and daily shootings, but because the jury base is so skewed against law enforcement. An officer from another agency can be engaged in an officer involved shooting, and potentially lose his job, his personal assets and his freedom if anything he/she does is perceived to be incorrect by a biased jury. Clackamas County is now considering a similar withholding of resources, not wanting their officers exposed to that danger. Both agencies would, of course, respond if a Portland officer is in trouble. But if the city of Portland can't turn this around and get it's priorities straight, it's going to get much worse. And those involved have no idea the damage in store for their city.

  13. I'm not sure what the problem is here. If liberals can't run a city then there will be a self-correcting mechanism. People will vote for new leaders, or people will leave, or both. Yet people seem to flocking to Portland and its northwest cousin, Seattle. Home values are skyrocketing in those places. Crime rates are lower for metro areas. Makes you wonder why people aren't flocking to Birmingham and Jackson, doesn't it?

  14. More need to see this. Why put your life on the line everyday dealing with things no human should. Only to be laughed at, attacked and marginalized by those you swear to protect. No sane person would want that kind of job.

  15. Get ready for checkpoints and pull-overs for bullshit infractions, wherein only a bribe will keep you out of the back of a paddywagon.
    Import the third world, get the third world.

  16. You could always recruit a few Cartel soldiers. They're a little rough on the enforcement side but nobody's gonna' disobey them. Nothing like heads in a duffelbag.

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