Jack Dylan Grazer Apologizes For Smoking Weed At 14

Jack Dylan Grazer, of IT, apologizes for smoking weed in a new video after vaping with Finn Wolfhard from Stranger Things. Subscribe to TheMagazineCity: …


  1. Its not a bad thing weed is good vaping is good booze is good he's young let him experiment ffs everyone get their dicks in a twist when a celebrity smokes pot like who fucking cares its not bad

  2. im 14 and smoke twice a day I've ben smoking since I was 11 my grades are fine and im not dumb and im still growing its not harmful. addictive? yes but it hasn't caused me harm

  3. Well that’s what happens when you get mixed up in Hollywood,not just selling your soul but you do drugs no matter what age.getting famous in Hollywood get you fucked up

  4. You clearly don’t remember how being a teenager, HE MADE A MISTAKE EVERYONE DOES just because you are famous does not mean you are perfect he made a mistake like everyone else does and those things DOES happen because of pressure in school I know about it and you don’t because you are way to old to understand how teenagers live in school now a Days soooo don’t go like “oh you can’t do that because you are famous” “you have to be perfect” because that’s bullshit he is not perfect like any other human being and we love him for what he is and he made a mistake he can learn from it. Every teenager in 2018 has made a mistake like that so don’t be a hater and let him be he is a human humans make mistakes

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