1. bro i think i fucked up!!! i went into flower literally 1 month from seed,now plant looks really healthy although i am seeing some purpleing on the fan leave stems,but now its drinking all the water and leaving the nutes i thought nute lock but im not seeing any signs on the lower leaves or even on the upper fan leaves PH 5.8- 6.0 RH is hard for me to keep stable but RH never lower then 36% during lights off..seen very little stretching and top colas arent fattening up…is this due to me flipping them to quick?…im in so much trouble man smh any advice would be helpful

  2. Ok this is why power mildew happens , if you were do this just a bit diffeent you can speed up the root production , keep the roots active and not lazy from the rockwool being over soaked , as well as taking about a week off your schedule waiting for the seedling to catch up. ALL YOU GOTTA DO IS THIS …. dro0 your water level to half inch below the net pot , then dont add grow but do keep all the other nutrients your useing in the feed only for thipe seedlings first 10 days then add grow once the roots hit the water , keep that rockwool and plant growing untill there is 2 inches of root growth with a system dropping , feed the roots into the net pot to the bottom of the net pot bare to the plastic and have the roots touching the bottom of the net pot as you gently wick/balance structer the rockwool cube seedling with your medium claypebbels/growstone , then fill the net pot to where only half of the net pot is full in the middle and try to fill in the sides without overwhelming the plant , cover the top of the net pot with a rockwool cube cover or plastic white liner paper for mildew prevention , I actully go from the rockwool cube to the delta10 4 inch rockwool cubes that raise the plant higher so I can fil, in the net pot without exposeing the net pot holes to light hitting the water but , again I said when you wick your plant and use only the rockwool seedling cube , only fill it half way and try to get the holes covered best you can , a little bit of holes exposed is not bad and as it gets bigger you can fill it in . It will help this is only IMO

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