1. I like to rebuttal people who argue with me about my personal abstinence, "Abstinence doesn't cause cirrhosis of the liver." And when people try to use my heart condition as a manipulation tactic to get me drink, stating its,"Heart Healthy", there is plenty of evidence in the U.S. which substantiates heart patients are 10x's more likely to get heart palpitations that those without heart issues. But I am a heart patient; I don't need a study quite frankly, to tell me when my heart is palpitating. 🌟

  2. 23 days under my belt. Was easier last week than this, feels like it's getting harder. One of the things I miss is that I feel more creative, I think broader when I have a few drinks. I don't seem to have that creativeness, that way of looking at the world now without alcohol. I don't feel any sharper, if that makes any sense. Anyone else feel the same?

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