1. I just tried wild hemp hempettes for the first time for my social anxiety I’m alone right now so don’t know if it really is making a difference lol I’m going to the movies tonight hopefully a puff before I go in to see if it helps

  2. Really glad it works for ya! Mental health is so important. We also incorporate them into our channel too. Love this video. Definitely subscribing, looking forward to more about this!

  3. I just started taking CBD for anxiety, and I found that at work (I work in a restaurant atm), I was able to talk to customers with so much more ease than usual. My brain wasn't in overdrive about what to say like usual. Was also super easy to train a new employee, whereas I'm usually really concerned about making them feel bad for correcting them and stuff like that. It sounds minor, but it was such a change from how I usually feel that it was like magic. I felt like I could be myself. Almost can't believe this shit is real and legal and I can use it to help something I've struggled with my entire life.

  4. Hi,
    Thanks for this. I think it is not known to many and may help a lot of people.. the connection between CBD and social anxiety..
    If possible, I will be very happy to talk to you a bit more via skype or something, and to ask you about your journey with it.. I think it is very unique to see people feeling so comfortable with their social anxiety so there is something special here.. or at least looks like.
    my email address is [email protected]gmail.com
    Thanks again!

  5. Pups like us talking to them. A lot of animals enjoy singing too–pups, horses, deer, ravens. Oh and burping is healthy! I can't burp a lot of the time so I drink kombucha. I'm envious of your burping! πŸ˜€

  6. I love this so much. ❀🌿 Do you have any recommendations for 18+ yr olds starting cbd liquids? Preferably aiming for what'd relax bodily more so & help self reflect.

    And how many droplets is best to start with? 3? Or is 1/2 tbsp too much or appropriate? lol am trying to be open & understand the low safe dosages to work my way gradually up.

  7. So glad to see that beautiful face again.😍 your perfect the way you are and yes sometimes we need to spend time on ourselves. Please make more videos of you😍😍😍

  8. I know this girl that I'd love to date, but she like seems like high maintenance… It confuses me cause I've dated goody good girls in the past.. But like dating a girl who's not cool about weed it can kinda suck.. I'm like kinda new age hippie… Just all about phish, the dead, shit like that.. So I could soo see myself dating a girl like you.. Makes me realize that there are still cool girls out there like yourself..

  9. I am so glad I happened upon your videos some time ago. You remind me so much of myself…which is incredible because I constantly feel like the weirdest person alive and that there's no one else out there that thinks like I do. I never used to struggle with anxiety, but the past couple years have been so rough with my social anxiety and awkwardness around people that I don't even know who I am anymore. I've lost friends, don't have anyone in my family that really gets it. Watching your videos helps me feel more grounded and that there's a way out of this "darkness." I will definitely be going the CBD route and I hope to see results similar to yours. I'm glad you're well, thank you for this motivation to keep going. Much love <3

  10. More outdoor ventures with nick, very happy to see you getting out! I agree that driving is so relaxing solo, messed up on one drive and found myself in austin lol.

  11. I'm glad to see you out and about and happy! It seems like you're managing your anxiety quite well now. I can totally relate with the loner/anti-social mentality. Sometimes you just need a break from the world and allow your "batteries to recharge". It's always been extremely difficult being in relationships or friendships with people who couldn't understand that. Some people just need their alone time in order to feel refreshed.

  12. Green lane is a beautiful park. Check out valley green also. For the cbd I started buying them for my veteran friends and they are doing so much better than were before. They even stopped taking their meth pills the VA gives them. Or they take like 1/16th of what they were told to take

  13. Your dog is adorable! My dog's name is Jack too πŸ™‚ I'm just like you, i like to be around people sometimes but i also need alot of time to myself. And im the same way in the car! lol

  14. Nice hike. I miss the northern forests, living in Florida. Made it through Irma, yay! Your dog is adorable. Glad you got out there and enjoyed it. Bravo for going to the bonfire. I love fire pits and the tranquility they create. The crackle and pop the smell of wood burning. Thanks for sharing. πŸ”₯ πŸ• 🌲😊

  15. Ah I completely am the same as you. I'm someone who loves being at home, having alone time for myself but basically it's time to binge shows or be on the Internet. It can get very toxic though because then sometimes I get in a mindset where I just compare myself to others online or don't actually go out and live life but watch others do that. I've dealt with horrible panic attacks in the past (like to the point where they happened in any situation outside of my house) and I feel like being a homebody didn't help that. I'm starting to be more social and make strides, having gotten a new job and making some friends.. but overall, I need more friends who I can be myself around. Ones who I can be serious with and talk about anything, but also ones who get me out of my comfort zone. My boyfriend and I are also long distance, so he's that for me, but again, communicating with him is mostly online. So it's hard. Sorry I typed out my life story lol. But I'm glad you're doing better. πŸ™‚ I'm on anti-depressants and I do think that has helped with my anxiety.

  16. So nice to wake up and first thing – there you are. Thank you. Oh how I miss walking in the woods and getting energy from the trees. It is centering and calming. You look great. And don't worry about talking to Jack, he understands. You know he talks back to you.

  17. You're dog is cute. Walking in the forrest is the best. I am able to take my dog twice a day into the forrest. It grounds me. I feel connected. Like you I have SA. I've been using the CBD for a few weeks and it helps. Don't worry about a few rough edges. People judge. You have a good heart. Be well.

  18. I'm on vacation with my mom and we've been hiking too!! We did some hiking yesterday in Acadia National Park and did a little over a 4 mile hike it was beautiful! We plan to do more hikes today. Hope you enjoyed the hike and the dog is beautiful btw!

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