1. BJP should answer why Chattishgarh became the poorest state after BJP ruled for 15 years (poverty rate of 48%). In comparision Odisha which used to be the poorest state in all NSSO surveys till 2004, now has the distinction of reducing poverty by a record 20 % within a decade and today has outstripped 7 states (including bihar, Chattishgarj, MP, Jharkhand which have long time BJP/ NDA govts).
    Also BJP should answer why Jharkhand's districts featured lowest in all developmental parameters as per Central Govt Delta rankings in Aspirational District Programme. (in contrast Two Odisha districts featured in top 5 ).

  2. BJD will sweep elections as per pro BJP channel India TV survey by winning 100 plus seats. BJD will actually win 125 seats as historically India TV generally inflates BJP tally and suppresses non BJP party's tally.

  3. Sala nabinaaa,,,stri looka mane duskarama ra sikarahele tuuu para nyaa a. Deiiiparunuuuuu….ki bikash kathakahuchhhuuu…..stri mane Tora sabuuu ,,ame purush mane kehinuhaaa,,,amapain ki jojana karichhuuuu kaha agaaa

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