What Does A Heroin Addict Look Like? (May Surprise You)

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  1. Drink plenty of water the reason why I say this is because there is a relative who I know is on cocaine or heroine and she drinks plenty of water. And goes by her day normal. She gets irritated irritable and agititated very easy. She has even persued moving. She has become seclusive about her life and new friends. I even seen her leg shaking uncontrollably plus her blood vessel in eyes popping out red…I saw her lose weight then gain weight. And she claims its stress…smh

  2. Hi bro..i use heroin 14 year and i stay clean about 6 year…but 5 month ago i got fired from job and cant paid a rent so i decide move back to my hometown now i be a drug addict back again..my mental make me crazy everyday even 1st day i in here..every night i cry went i look my kids..but nothing i can do..i hope you guys have answer want i going thought now..sorry for my english really bad..

  3. This is good info for people to have in order to help open eyes to what is truly happening around us. In a million years, I would never, ever have thought my own life would be touched by this. But our grandson's (actually my step-grandson) father was a heroin addict, and I'm guessing that the only day he probably "looked" like a heroin addict was September 21, 2017 – the day his 2 other children (our grandson's half-siblings) walked into their apartment to find him dead on the floor with a needle in his arm. My husband and I think about these 2 kids and wonder (helplessly) what will happen to them since they went off to live with their mother (also an addict – not sure whether using or recovering – from what little we know). It's still hard for me to believe, even though we knew he had an addiction problem. Keep these videos coming, guys. These are tough topics that must be discussed.

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