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Please note: this is about our faith and we understand it isn’t for everyone…I’ll still be releasing regular videos during the week, so feel free to skip over these if …


  1. Very encouraging word and continue to these videos. Regards cleaning video’s, it would be great to hear what tips and cleaning short cuts works for you and your family. God’s blessings to both of you!!!

  2. Hello from Australia 🇦🇺
    Thank you very much for sharing your Sunday videos. I look forward to these quiet times.
    I have been struggling with getting my kids 16,13 &11 girl boy girl that when I ask for a house chore to be done I get whining and crankiness it usually ends in fighting and yelling at each other. Then I do the chores and everyone goes on an iPad frenzy. It’s not a happy environment.
    Can you please please please help me to be a calm quiet mother not a raging angry monster. And help instruct my kids on helping without complaining and learn to appreciate the days they get as treats.
    God bless and love your videos.
    P.S I have sisters as twins and I know the relationship you talk about as twins. 😊

  3. I love cleaning videos! I especially like when someone deep cleans something like the fridge, oven, car, bathroom, etc. I also like daily/weekly tidying or cleaning routines. My daughter is definitely not self directed when it comes to tidying or cleaning so we do it together. I enjoy it because I think it's great bonding time and I'm teaching her valuable life skills. 💜💜💜

  4. Oh come on! You know we all just want to see alllllll the videos that you want to do! I enjoy all of it. Tom is so funny in a lot of the videos and the Sunday stuff is great! Give me minimalism anything too! I’d also love to know more about Diana and her way of doing things etc.

  5. Very strong message. I will ask him for more faith…sometimes I forget I can ask, but I never forget he is with me. My earthly friends tell me I need to just ask for help, seems my heavenly father is saying the same thing!

  6. This may be a weird and maybe I'm the only one who has problems with this, but can you share what you do to clean your dishes quickly? What all are you putting into your dishwasher and what do you hand wash. I grew up in a house where we only ever put plates, bowl, silverware and glasses in our dishwasher and had to hand wash everything else. I recently found out that most people don't do the same. What is your method for cleaning your kitchen after dinner without it taking forever? Thanks.

  7. I think clean with me videos if they include tips can be helpful, but just watching someone clean. Not so much. If you can stand the clutter, what I do is keep a small plastic pocket on the fridge with the kids name and kitchen helper job on it. When they do their job they rotate the card so everyone knows who is next in line to do the job. It's super simple and prevents me forgetting whose turn it is and let's them know when it is their turn. It is the simplest chore plan we've had but has been the most successful and easy to stick to.

  8. I found your clean with me video helpful and inspiring. I find things collect on surfaces too. After your video I went and dealt with a few things I had been putting off.

    I enjoy you faith videos too. I am grateful for the Holy Spirit to guide me as a mom. God is so present and ready to help us and listen.

  9. Great video! I loved the cleaning video too! And seeing more of them would be great-like what cleaning products you use? Thanks 🙂 PS. I really like your new hairstyle Dawn.

  10. More I watch these "Faith" videos more I like them! Thank you for them! I in phase deeper conecting to Lord, realizing thing I haven't till now,and in that phase you started to put out videos about faith… So unbelieveble! Like you were send to me!
    About clean with me videos: I'm not so into that…. I like more videos about simplifying life – they are great!

  11. I loved your cleaning video! I started my kids unloading the dishwasher at age two! They little ones can do silverware and it is good sorting skills 😉 (with supervision and I put away the sharps of course!)

  12. Dawn, you are inspiring me to declutter and move toward minimalism . . . much needed in our home. Thank you. I heard God calling me toward simplifying my life and thought it had to do with work and schedule. Somewhere in this call, I came across your YouTube channel, and although it did not immediately sink in, I realized that minimalizing needs to be a part of the journey. Thank you for sharing your journey and how it connects to your faith! And, yes, cleaning videos would certainly be helpful . . . please share hints, tips, products that work well and how it connects to your minimalist lifesyle. Would also love to hear more about how you motivate your kids (they are so responsible), along with the ways you encourage and discipline them. Thanks so much for all you do!

  13. My favorite videos you do are the Sunday ones. There is a real aura of peace . I feel refreshed and rested when I watch , so thankyou two for that, and Thankyou Holy Spirit for Flowing through these two willing vessels to bring truth to all of us that watch.

  14. I am new to watching you and this video came up. I am so happy that you do this truly that you talk about the Holy Spirit and Jesus. It’s the Holy Spirit literally lead me to this.. and it just made me want to watch you even more.. you are the reason that I am at peace in my heart because for a little bit I was stuck and really down and letting everything overwhelm me. I am now able to get up and go about day and the rest of my week. I am slowly getting back to the normal me because of you reminding me that I’m not alone.. I never was .Thank you god bless you both.

  15. What a beautiful conversation. I really enjoy these weekly chats.  I have grown in my relationship with the Lord the past couple of years, and He is amazing.  I so enjoy hearing others who are also lead by the Holy Spirit.  Thank you for sharing.

  16. Love these – they are always so insightful. I have a daily quiet time where I have a devotion and our church emails out a sermon-based curriculum as well for each week so it is a joy and an added bonus to watch these in addition to that as a regular weekly routine. Regarding your question about the cleaning, I like the way you did yours – instead of cleaning to music, I like that you cut back to explaining why/how. I would like to see them if done that way as a nice change – I only watch those types here and there so yours was a nice switch – love the idea of a spring cleaning video as I definitely need to do that also and demonstrating yours in the way you did your other cleaning video. Plus yours was so inspiring because it showed how easy it was to clean a minimal home – very motivating for those of us who do not like to clean!! I asked a question on the comment for that cleaning video about your tablecloth – what kind it was, but that was just today and not sure if you go back to older videos and their comments so will ask here as well – your tablecloth – is it vinyl or cloth? Great video – growing to really love you ladies and love that I have sisters in Christ in a different state that I know about!! 🙂

  17. Love all of your videos but particularly the Sunday ones. They are amazing. And yes, would love to see more cleaning videos, it's both motivating and soothing. Thank you 😄😘

  18. Planner/planning questions…. I know when you get school papers with specific dates, you put them into your phone right away..but do you have a paper or dry erase calender as well? How do you plan/schedule smaller things that are mire flexable than a date written on the calender.. like your youtube content, or like your follwers questions you want to answer, do you have a YT idea/todo notebook? I ask because Im trying to figure the best method for mind dumping, work must do or work want tos without have a million notebook..especially sense im a notebook hoarder, i love a fresh notebook but its hard to keep track of where and what i jotted down and looking back on them when needed…
    *Same with home projects or up keep,car up keep…how do you keep all of these planned out? I think i need to learn to use my calender and Alexa better for this.

  19. Oh my— I so loved how you said to ask the Holy Spirit for help because I am just now growing in my faith and learning the role of the Holy Spirit in my life. As far as cleaning videos are good if— you are perhaps showing ways to do it that save time, save money with how you do it, DIY cleaning products, ways to make it more fun or productive, tidying up, spring/seasonal cleaning/organizing, etc. I have seen a few that just show the same thing week after week of vaccuming or dusting.

  20. I am so glad to have come across your channel several months ago. I am not someone who comments a lot, but I have enjoyed all of your videos and topics. I have learned ways to simplify in multiple areas and I thought your 'clean with me' video was a great way to show the benefits of keeping a minimal house, and how to simplify this. More on this topic would be great to see. Honestly, anything that you come up with to share as a topic is great! I love seeing how minimalism only enhances all different areas of life.
    I am also a follower of Jesus, and I was delighted to find out that you were too. These videos have fed my spirit and encouraged me. I am grateful for your willingness to share and create this community.

  21. Love these Sunday videos! I use them as my quiet time before the house wakes up! In terms of cleaning videos, your last one was awesome! You could also do a ‘company’s coming’ video and show what your house looks like when unexpected company comes, a deep cleaning / spring cleaning video, a cleaning your car video, a “how long does it take to clean my whole house if nobody cleans for the whole weekend video’ and a cleaning supplies video. I’ll watch anything you put up!

  22. I would love to see more cleaning videos..i said this on your cleaning vodeo tho, if you talk and explain what your doing, why you do it, how often you do it, what you use to clean and why, Makes me love a cleaning video..i watch videos while i work. I actually had your videos on last night on our living room tv (kids hesring it too) while i made dinner and other stuff…i cant sit down and watch cleaning videos that only have music..

  23. I enjoyed your cleaning video. I watch all your content, right up my alley. Have LOVED the cooking videos recently as well. In cleaning videos, I like when there is a voice over with tips or suggestions. Thankful for your channel.

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