TWO Large Family Moms + ONE Restaurant Depot Supply Warehouse

You’ll be so proud of me! I finally made it to a huge restaurant supply store for some REAL large family grocery shopping!! I spent the day with my friend Ashely …


  1. For my family of 3 I was able to find a pack 4 of the baskets at dollar tree. Bought a roll of parchment paper from shoppers food warehouse to line them with. Have also used was paper when I run out of the other. Can also use cupcake pan liners (paper or silicone) to put smaller food items veggies, chips, pickles, carrots, Olives & etc and or dips ( ranch, ketchup, mayo, mustard & etc). Turns out wecan have a Restaurant Depot 45 minutes from us. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing! This was the first video of yours I've seen, and it was so fun! My husband isn't going to be thrilled that I now have all kinds of ideas floating around in my head, first and foremost being that we need to make the two-hour drive to our nearest Restaurant Depot, haha. I'll be poking around your channel more (and I just subscribed), but I would love to see how you organize all of your large-family kitchenware if you haven't already covered it. I only have six kids so far, but we're hoping to have more, and my kitchen is so tiny, and storage nonexistent. I'm feeling a bit maxed-out. Thanks again, Jamerrill!

  3. THAT'S MY HOMETOWN!! I love that Restaurant Depot- my husband works for Mellow Mushroom (in Charlottesville) and we go get things from there periodically. I always insist that I get to come along because I think that store is so much fun.

  4. i use to work at a Restaurant Depo in NJ and it was one of my favs!!! I'm so glad you found one!!!! i live in VA and wish i was closer to this RD. they really are a great store!

  5. We do the baskets and paper as well! We have a local restaurant supply here in San Antonio….which I love, but I think we've gotten most of our large family restaurant supplies at Sams Club. Looks like y'all had a blast!

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