1. This video is great I have been super cropping for a year now and haven't turned back. Easy maintenance in veg well you can focus on the ones in flower. For any new growers you will not fail with this technique.

  2. Hello man. It's been to long ….and it's about time …..mate you just made my day I didn't know you was making video s ……say hello to the lovely weed widow for me …ok I'm gonna find the re st of us videos and start from th begging …….lmao there ain't a day when I don't hear your voice in my head …..no joke and now I've got ya in my hand ….. Lol I've been walking around all long faced today and you just changed that I've got a smile from ear to ear

  3. I love this method!  Seems easy and effective.

    Im about to try it here in Canada with 4 plants Ive got under a 600 watt HPS. Gee, I sure hope it works. Ive scared to make a bend like you did there on that big, old, stiff stem.

  4. This video is awesome and super helpful about this process.
    I have a couple of questions, maybe you have some answers??
    Or maybe you will make a video about the topic.
    At harvest time as you prepare to make a second crop is it worthwhile trying to reveg rather to germinate new seeds?
    What are the benefits to revert your plants?
    Does this process take longer than starting with new seeds.
    If it works and the root system is large does the reverted plant grow larger than it was at time of last harvest and is the yield expectancy greater at next harvest?

    Thanks for uploading your videos they are awesome

  5. 4:14: "Everyone talks about this magic 1 gram per watt". They have been saying that for decades. I would think with the much improved efficiency in lighting you should be able to do better now yeah?

  6. hi there!ok,how to know when to start flowering in scrog system?the right timing to start flowering becomes even harder if one is growing multiple strains in a single net or single tent as some strains stretch more than other and some don't stretch at all,so what to do in that situation?and last question some strains grows double and some grows even five times of their size in flowering when we grow vertically,does that same rule applies when growing horizontally i mean the plant that grows five times vertiaclly will it also grow five time horizontally in size i.e.the plant that is one square foot will it becomes five square feet? is there any rule of thumb to follow?

  7. I did this 2 times now with amesia but when I bend them to crack they lay down but after a few days they just go back up again Also the plant still streches beneath the bend so it wil raise over the net…. what is the problem here ????

  8. When is the perfect time to scrog??? while vegging?? at the beginning of flowering???? I was experimenting and I super cropped and scrogged the first week of flower…… and a quick question maybe you can help me with this once you flip your photo to 12:12 do you have to leave it at 12:12 once it starts flowering or can you give it a little bit more light like maybe go back to 18 6 or do you have to leave it at 12:12

  9. Sorry I never finished my comment. I grabbed a set of headphones to listen to what you had to say. I want to thank you very much for the great information. I would be a happy man if I could grow half as good as you, Cheers!

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