125 grams of Chocolate Marshmallow sun grown flowers, 60 grams of Space Bomb keif and 116 grams of MC1 and Cosmic Glue rosin. The Mendo Dope Boys …


  1. Lol. Worlds largest? I'm guessing you are from California? You Cali folk dond have much going on in your domes. Bunch of brain dead morons over there. Can't wait till that state falls into the ocean. Its a shame so many morons live over there, it is beautiful country. SMH.

  2. are moonrocks really that great? I haven't tried any but it seems like it would just end up wasting oil and kief. the bud ignites at 450ish degrees and you low temp dab at 600 doesn't seem hot enough to vape the oil just causing a mess in the bowl and the kief is just going to burn as soon as flame hits it.

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