Tao Te Ching for Everyday Life Tao Te Ching Philosophy Explained

Tao Te Ching for Everyday Life Tao Te Ching Philosophy Explained Tao Everyday Life Explained. Learn the Tao te ching (or Dao de ching) for beginners, in this …


  1. good video, but too much emphasis on the leader. Why not just say the indvidual? There is repitition throughout this video The Tao is the Way or path. Following it leads to freedom and liberation.

  2. I cannot believe this group. Only two or three know how this is spelled and pronounced. It is NOT spelled phonectically. Get it morans? English is not spelled the way it sounds as a rule. This is why English is a complicated language to learn. Example-through, threw. Rough. dough, doe. Dough. Rough. (Ough??) Pronunciation is not a hard and fast rule either. I grew up in bulloCH county. Pronounced bulloCK. This book is SPELLED TAO TE CHING. PRONOUNCED DAO DE CHING.

  3. I disagree with one word, otherwise it's perfect. Can you translate it in the King James Mormon Tabernacle Choir Version? I like green jellybeans and Metamucil

  4. Even Chinese haven't found the dao after four thousand years searching. Other people may or may not find the dao more successfully depends on if they follow the dao.

  5. What’s interesting & unique about the Tao Te Ching is it can be interpreted differently depending on your own personal perspective… even more interesting is that reading it could actually change your perspective…
    I see a lot of people commenting over if this is a correct interpretation or not.
    I personally enjoyed the video & this interpretation.
    My advice is read the Tao & make it your own, it’s the Tao it can’t be right or wrong, it just is, it is yours to do with as you will.

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