1. I'm looking for some Columbia clothing now because yours usually looks so lightweight and comfy. I cant spray or work in my yard in jeans anymore. They are too annoying and hot!

  2. I need a new Toro mower! Love watching your Vlog and I’m subscribed to your email list. Great content on there. Can’t wait to get started on my 28 yards for 2019. Going to use some of your advise on the products you talk about. Really need some good post emergent for Southern grasses. Did use Leacock but the dealer moved on me now I have to use some other company not named here.

  3. Went to Home Depot today to check in on some paint. I decided to go check out if they had some Milorganite. Went down the isle and saw they had it in stock. Looked up at the price and saw THEY RAISED THE PRICE!!! It is $14 and change! What the heck! That is a $2 increase from previous years.

  4. I made a mistake and wed and feed my lawn with Scott's. I saw you are not a fan and I wanted to use your program but didnt know how soon I could start with your program. should I wait 2 months when they call for a second feeding or can I start sooner with a spot spray for weeds and morganite the entire lawn? thanks

  5. Hey @The Lawn Care Nut wish me luck! You got me started on this lawn care craziness! Win or not I'm still going to be getting some of that awesome N-ext goodness from your store. Walking on my lawn after treatments of RGS/MicroGreene and Air8/Humic12… it's feeling squishy… not rock hard anymore! Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Nice giveaway! Bought a John Deere rider last year about a month before I found your channel….kicking myself in the ass as I really want a toro that master now! Just don’t have the control over how a lawn is done with a rider!

  7. Can you use organics in your yard if you have chickens that roam the yard some? Is Scotts Weed and Feed as good as organics? I’m obviously a newb to this…

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