Spider Mites and Cannabis or Medical Marijuana Plants

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  1. You really should spray them about two hours before the lights come on the plants stomatas will be closed, you don't want the plants feeding off the insecticide, just a friendly hint. I recommend using pyrethrin it's safe to use on veggies up till day of harvest and kills spider mites with a vengeance!!

  2. Aren't some of these predator bugs poisoness when you wanna make a (press) extract out of your flower. Also… Healthy plants don't attract bugs

  3. Damm bro ur always getting those..all the runns I've seen u do gets those..either u got the worst luck when it comes to getting cutts,or u got a environmental probably, I would lean more towards the 2nd option cuz for the last 2 years uve had mites every runn. Predator buggs are crap a big waste of money strait industry hype…

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