1. serious question!
    in order to receive 100% of your gi bill you need to have been active for 36 months, I only had a 3 year and some change contract and if I do a job drop I will have been in less than 36 months. so I won't receive all of my gi bill so how does that work?

  2. do you have a veterans club at your Uni? thats cool that you have that because a lot of veterans i know struggle in Uni because of how annoying the civilian students are and it drives them away.

  3. Would signing a six year contract to advance to e3 out of bootcamp make getting into A school faster? I want to be a medical service technician in the coast guard but the wait is almost a year. I'm seeing my recruiter next week

  4. I'm back jt!!! I finished boot last week and just got my phone, thank you for all the advice bro! I'm still stuck in Chicago for BM school but I'm only here for a month and then headed to San Diego!

  5. JT, Navy DEP'r here, first and foremost Id like to point out your channel is a wealth of information and you do a great job helping future sailors. Id like to make a suggestion for video content. The Navy threads on Reddit are constantly flooded with threads on Security Clearance related issues. Also people really want to know what life is like for CT's in the Navy. It'd be rad if you could make a video giving some insight on what the clearance process is like for the Navy ( What it takes to get it, What kind of things they are looking for to see if your eligible) and maybe what kind of interactions you've had with CTs. Just a suggestion, something I know ALOT of people out there want to know. Keep up the good work brah.

  6. Can you do a video on the Nukes you met in the Navy and how their life was while they were in and after the Navy? I've been in the DEP Program since August 3rd 2016 with a contract in the nuclear power program and the closer I get to shipping the more I hear about it just sucking tremendously. When I bring up questions to my recruiters they refer me to Nukes who are also on a recruiting billet but I feel like their is a risk that they may be biased because with them being a recruiter their purpose is to encourage us to join and not say anything that would turn me away. I can't really find that much information online about the 'Life as a Navy Nuke' and I know that their are many others who go onto Google looking for information that doesn't seem unreasonably biased. But if you can do a video about what you saw them doing, your experiences with them, what you hear about them doing when they get out, and the astigma/stereotypes that's associated with them on the ship I'd really appreciate it as well as possibly many other people who are in the same position as me; that is having a contract that is made out to sound like gods gift but not knowing whether or not if all the bad stuff you can find online is really all there is to it or if the people who did make the best of it don't bother going back and contributing to those pages because they have no need to and may have not thought of doing so.

  7. The GI Bill? If your using it and not on active duty they could care less what you do. That $1000 a month in your pocket for going to school full-time is mighty fine. Whenever we had randoms in the Army you could always tell who was guilty-they were the guys in the very back guzzling water who bolo'd on their first go.

  8. Excellent topic brother, but you should also talk about mandatory breathalyzer tests when returning from liberty. My last ship 02/2012 – 12/2014 all personnel had to submit to a mandatory breathalyzer returning between 1600 – 0800. Any refusal and its NJP.

  9. WOW! This still, an Issue? Back in my day 1976, – 1985, Master at arms would "Body search, coming on Board, from Liberty, launch, and 2nd, ship I on, my shop/division, thought I plant/"NARC, from NIS, cause My 1st ship, was drug tested, all time for "Security clearance" I said 2nd ship, NO stay away, from THAT, so they my , BUDS, thought I NARC.

  10. never during inactive reserves, this is why it's called a 8 year commitment, at least that's what I signed up for 4 active 4 inactive and it was a breeze. now being completely disabled do to military service is another thing entirely. Because there are those that need this particular plant as medicine.

  11. What up fam! JT is actually my boy and most of the comments I leave are to mess with him. BUT this one is for real.

    I smoked weed and did other drugs when I was younger before the Navy, I told my recruiter about it during my process of trying to enlist in 2012, I was straight up with them and told them I want to take a drug test before we try and schedule an appointment for me to go down to MEPs, I passed the test and we proceeded and I've never touched them since then. So to answer the question, will it affect you trying to enlist, answer is NO it will not. Just be straight up and honest about it with yourself and the recruiters and you'll be fine.

    Next thing, do NOT try and think you can work the system and still do drugs while you're in the military!! I was at my last squadron for a short year and a half. In that time there was SIX people who popped on a drug test and they all got kicked out! Drugs to include weed, spice, cocaine, and heroin… So in the end just don't do it. Hopefully someone looking for advice reads this and it helps you for your future. Keep up the good vids JT!

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