1. Man this video helped me a lot! I used to smoke lots of weed, until I got paranoid and anxious with it! Now im thinking about grow my own plant of CBD to help me with my anxiety, and Dinamed is the best! Thx mate.

  2. Hi 1.) Is it strong smell in flowering, does it need carbon filter ? 2.) Do you have positive experience with migraines/headaches or know someone who tried it for that ? thank you

  3. I have the same experience. smoking THC in tiny doses makes me super paranoid because the energy is just so high and intense like an LSD trip. but smoking CBD hemp flowers only just lifts your mood and you just feel like yourself. you feel good and warm and fuzzly in your heart. and you feel like your connection with nature peace is full.

    A lot of people I've been talking to say that within this last year THC started being too intense for them and that's the same thing that happened to me. where it's just not functional and it's too high-energy and it's like you're on an acid trip. and you just can't function in the normal way. so that's why we got onto the CBD because it's so beautiful for us. we need that cannabis medicine those cannabinoids in our brain all day. CBD just makes you feel so great. I'm so glad that the Divine Universe answers us and gives us exactly what we need when we need it. blessed be the Divine Life we all are.

  4. You rock Young Herbologist! I am like you to where I cut back on THC and now when I smoke it I get panic attacks. So now I can smoke less that 4% THC but only 2 tokes so far. 3 and I feel bad. So I ordered some of the new Dinamed CBD Autoflower. Just waiting for them to arrive then 70 days till harvest! Cant wait. Thank you for making this video!

  5. My man, you have no idea how much seeing this video means to me – I am somewhat in the same position as you! About 3 years ago I developed extreme paranoia and anxiety from smoking too much high thc weed/hash and have since then not been able to use marihuana, except CBD oil (expensive!) for treating my symptoms (schizophrenia and anxiety). I am off the pharmaceuticals for almost 2 years now, well treated, but I still have the odd symptoms here and there.

    Today I took a leap of faith and ordered some Dinamed CBD autos – seeing this video after having placed the order has my hopes up for finally having found a strain that I can grow as my own medicine and use without bad side affects like big pharma drugs. Thank you!

  6. I found Dinamed CBD to have an awful taste. Like mediciney orange. The effect was okay though. I tried Candida CD1 and Solodiol Clasica both with <1% thc and up to 20% cbd. Preferred them to Dinamed. Two other strains I've started are Highlo and Medikit. Check them out guys!

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