1. Its not the growers fault the buds are so dry. Its the Government of Canada regulations on moisture level. I agree the buds are garbage, but thats why we have the right to grown our own.

  2. I guess I am one of the few that likes dry weed… it’s sold by weight the dryer it is the more you get. I only smoke bongs so for me this isn’t a problem, I can see it being an issue if you only smoke joints and don’t know how to re hydrate it.

  3. Go to the 6 minute mark and watch my fingers closely. This will give you a really good idea how dried out and hard this weed was. As an update and to finish off the review. I spent 4 days trying to bring some life back into this weed. Finally tried some and it was totally bombed out and depleted. Minor high lasted about an hour. I threw the rest of it out.

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