Prison Wasn't Enough To Get Me Sober l John's True Story of Addiction

Growing up in a poor family in Louisiana, John began to sell ecstasy as a child. In his high school years, John turned to weed, alcohol and eventually meth.


  1. This is not something to be proud of but honest.. I did meth a couple summers ago about twenty times through out the summer doing construction work. I’ve been prescribed adderall since 15 but don’t take them but a few times a month, although I still enjoyed the feeling of good energy and focus. All the times I snorted meth, me personally, I never felt crazy psychosis or anything detrimental. It was fun in a way for me though. Smoked a lot of cigarettes, stayed up all night and watched watched a lot of porn. 😅 The people who did it with me all seemed more hooked but for me I didn’t ever feel like “I GOTTA have it!” I would be like, “it’d be fun to do a lil line today at work” but never bought any or wanted it bad enough. I can see how people would get sprung on it though. Powerful and one hit lasted all damn day and night for me.

  2. dont you put the psychosis on fucking weed you dick head if you cant even stop your self from drugs youre a weak ass human being thats all get the fuk up and get youre life str8 if you really want to

  3. This dude's a lunatic. You might have to flip through some videos but I have some real answers when it comes to dealing with withdrawal and understanding family members with addiction. Please come to my page and check it out

  4. Never been an upper guy. Would rather just take a nice shot of H and just chill out and play some games or watch some Netflix. Why would anyone want to be all wired up?

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