Please Stop Enabling Eugenia Cooney

If Eugenia Cooney died from an eating disorder like anorexia, how would people in her life feel? Enabling of Eugenia Cooney is a big problem, and I made this …


  1. Im addicted to weed. No other drugs but daily user for 10 years. But been "trying" to stop smoking weed for the past 4 years. Im just too comfortable with it. And im embarrassed.

  2. ▝ ▙ We are being fooled & manipulated. Anorexia nervosa (fear/phobia of food) is a sub-clinical symptom of pellagra (a vitamin B3 deficiency). No amount of encouragement, or self assessment makes any difference. All pellagrans (those suffering from pellagra) suffer through the 3-D's: dementia (psychosis/depression), dermatitis (skin inflammation) & diarrhea. Buy a bottle of vitamin B3 (also known as niacin), and take 500 m.g. with each meal (never on an empty stomach). Buy flush-free niacin (a "niacin flush" entails a false allergic reaction of itchy, red skin that lasts 15 minutes). You can't overdose on a B vitamin as its excess is excreted in urine. Vitamin B3 turns pee somewhat orange. 90% of Americans don't get enough B3. You have to supplement. Try it. It'll end your insomnia too. You'll be dreaming in vivid color within several days.

  3. Hi I’m a new subscriber and I know you made this video a while ago but I’m SO GLAD I stumbled upon it. This video was the exact thing I needed with what my peers and I are going through so THANK YOU 🙏 Also I love your vids and I honestly I haven’t been impacted from any other channel as much as yours. Thanks again 😁

  4. I went out with two older friends of mine, one of the two smokes weed regularly and her friend circle as well. I was used to that, I didn't know about her friend circle, but I knew she only smokes if she goes clubbing so I never said anything, not to ruin the mood.

    Then one of her guy friends takes out some cocain and two of them take a line… I was kinda shocked. I know the guy doesn't have his life together at all doesn't even have his own place and crashes at his friends houses…
    I've only met him like 5 times, I told her that she should say something about his situation wake him up, she said that his close friends should talk to him, his close friends by now are all annoyed…

    But in that moment, noone said anything, all just looked at him kinda said, but no one ever says anything, I don't even know him well, but it's said to see him ruining his life…

  5. My ex with bpd would constantly harass me as well as other people. He would call us terrible names, say terrible things, and do terrible things. I always said "its okay its just because of your bpd, dont worry about it. You can't help it." I thought i was helping him…

  6. I do enable my husband because he has PTSD and a tbi(traumatic brain injury) with alcohol and weed. The pills the doctors give is insane. He acts more calm and resentful than when he is off everything. I wont leave him. I'm now disabled he enables me I am emotional eater and diabetic. So yes we are a dysfunctional family. No kids married 13 years. He was deployed 4 times humvee hit IED. Physically ok mentally not. We feed each others addictions 😞

  7. I really wish I could help her. I've had an eating disorder for years and it is addicting. I pushed a lot of people away when they tried to intervene. I think she is surrounded by not only enablers but toxic people as well. I know in the end she can only help herself, but I care for her deeply. I think she has a death wish because I did too. I am just SO ANGRY at her family for letting it go this long.

    And even if she were to get help RIGHT NOW, the damage has been done. I screwed up my body. I lost bone mass, I still get heart palpitations, my digestive system is sensitive to every little thing I consume, it SUCKS. I recovered but my body/brain will never forget what I've done.

  8. I watch Eugenia Cooney to fuel my bulimia. I’m 28 years old. My fiancé has been BEGGING me to stop. For a really long time. There was a time in my life when I thought Eugenia was A NORMAL HEALTHY GOAL MARKER! She’s not only effecting herself… she’s really not. I’m not a sympathetic victim (ie- I do not visibly look like I have an ED) the fact is, I do. I have an eating disorder, and I have caught myself MANY TIMES using Eugenia’s content to FEED MY ILLNESS!! I’m not saying ban her.. I just wish people would see what’s really happening.. I know no one can help her (especially on the internet) but we need to at least see it how it really is. I’m not expecting Eugenia to live much longer..

  9. I've had anorexia since I was 13. I can't watch Eugina Cooney or really much of anything with her in it because seeing her triggers me. I was a fan in her earlier years and remember feeling empowered because I felt like "we were starving together". I have been to therapy and am a lot better, but its an every day thing to stay healthy. I hope she can find recovery too.

  10. lol I used to think I was just 'not somebody who gets addicted to stuff' the only addiction I would own up to was nicotine. Looking back, I threw myself into a year and a half long binge-drinking phase, then when I realized through others that that wasn't any good, went over to weed. In the span of like 9 months I transitioned from not liking it that much to smoking everyday now (which I realize is something I need to minimize). Weed doesn't really make you physically addicted but psychologically, hell yeah. That's not the weed's fault though. It's my brain. I dislike being sober, I spiral into negative headspaces which in the worst case end up in panic attacks where I harm myself. I soothe myself, I guess. First step is always to admit it , I'll do my best to get myself to a place where I can comfortably be sober for a while.

  11. Throughout the video I was hoping you would bring up the song "Empty" which is all about another YouTuber dealing with her own anorexia and coming out on the other side of it. I hope you'll check it out along with the behind the scenes video, because I think it would make a really good companion piece to this.

  12. Telling someone with a sugar addiction that they can have a cup of ice cream, because I wanted to also have ice cream. I realized that's not okay and if that person asks me if they are allowed to eat sweets the answer is no. I shouldn't believe it's mean to say no when I am stopping someone from doing something harmful. I have actually enabled several people by mistake because I didn't respect their addiction. Sugar/internet/exercise/sleep behavior etc. because these things didn't raise any red flags with me. Now that I'm older and more experienced and have done some reading on this I know to put my foot down. Go to bed, don't eat that, wake up, slow down, they are all now simple phrases that I use more often and I talk to the persons about their need so we are on the same page. But if they slip up I will give them though love, the best is if we both work together but if they won't I will go against their wishes and be drastic even, like throw away all the sweets or disconnect the internet while convincing them to get professional help because at that point their needs are beyond what I can realistically match.

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