Parkland Shooter Has A Disturbing Cult Following

The defense attorney for Florida’s mass shooter claims he’s been receiving ‘fan mail’ for his client, and its very disturbing. Ana Kasparian, Grace Baldridge, and …


  1. Why is tyt even reporting on this. This happens Everytime. Even Ted Bundy who brutilu rapped torched and mutilated women. Had random people during his murder trail had same thing. It's sick but it ain't nothing new. Tyt acting like this is something new

  2. the people who tend to love the shooters like these are 2 different types the types that love the bad boy

    or the type that thinks that they can fix the guy and make him a better person if they fall in love with them

    every now and then you have it so there is a 3rd type like also an antisemitic female or somebody else who wishes they did the shooting but that isnt the normal type

    thx for this ha bisky vid i hope i can make it through this year so badly because mentally right now with how things have been in general i feel like even if i do get this job i will just die right after anyways

    i seriously need some help in making me feel like i will be peoples lights at the end of the tunnel and life is worth fighting for and that these shootings are just the people who dont know how to deal with life because they feel like there is no end and that they are doing these other peoples a favor (that is why sometimes you do have people who will shoot up a school or something like that)

  3. The problem is here that these people do it for fame and were giving them what they want in the end of it all we need to throw them behind bars give them death pentatly and hide there faces and names

  4. yah because the young turks said so………. this about is blatant crap as those stupid ads with… "this one trick will"…click here!! stupid mockingbird agency wannabes

  5. women are hysterical creatures. hysteria is a mental illness. look at gurls during the beatles and bieber. they cry shake and go insane.

    women truly are a lessor creature in that aspect. however they also have many virtues men lack. this is all generalized obv.

  6. SOMEBODY TELL HIM!!! What greater torture could there be, than for a guy who will never touch a(nother?) girl, to be sent nudes from "scantily clad" women from all over?! Pffffffffft! HAHAHA 😂😂😂 Let me tell him…LET ME TELL HIM!!!

  7. See this is the problem, Keep talking about it keep showing him keep telling the sheep what a great following he has. Tell the world see what a popular guy this outcast has become. Send this message to the wrong kid who doesnt mind being called "CRAZY"… Have a so called self proclaimed expert with no fact or skills in anything Tell the bullied singled out teen that This is what his future will hold when you decide to kill everyone. You too can be popular, you too can Get "fan mail" and free money… That's what creates the mass murderer that's why America has a school shooting problem.

  8. "By the way, they're not letting him see these letters." 🔴So, you're admittingly going through someone's personal mail, without their permission, and broadcasting it for the entire world to see?! THIS IS AGAINST THE LAW!!!

  9. Maybe some people have sympathy because they see Cruz as a bullied, orphaned, emotionally-disturbed teenager who may have been drugged, mind controlled and set up by outside forces to take the fall as the perfect designated patsy in an orchestrated false flag incident. I hear that a few vultures in that corrupt community were already angling to steal his six-figure inheritance from him. (PS: The idea of a mass shooting in real life is horrifying to me, so I do not in any way condone the mayhem and murder that we are told occurred at Parkland regardless of who may be truly responsible for it.)

  10. America if you groom your nation with violent films and violent solutions to social problems. If you groom your nation to go to war, then OF COURSE you are going to get a situation where people fall for the addiction of violence. Why are you so shocked. It's all around you!!

  11. Are you guys really surprised when we been having stupid teenage girls that throw themselves at gangbangers some their age but some way older and writing to them when they go to jail too , is that not disturbing? Are gangbangers not scum? I really think this needs to be addressed

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