MORAL PANIC | Diagnosing the Youth VAPING ‘Epidemic’

Feature Interview with Dr. Mark Tyndall*** Stoked by public health special interest groups a litany of frightening headlines has splashed across Canadian …


  1. There are three ways to get something done…do it yourself, pay someone to do it or tell your kids NOT to do it. So, by telling the kids vaping is bad will make them do it. If you don't want kids vaping tell them it will make them handsome/beautiful, rich, popular etc.

  2. Sorry for the double post but… If no Canadian is allowed to make comparisons between smoking and vaping – let alone health claims – it basically means that in Canada it's illegal to speak the truth. Telling the truth is prohibited by law! How can this be, how is this possible?

  3. We all know where this sudden "protect the kids" hysteria comes from. The anti-vaping-parties are backed up by money, any amount of money necessary to get their "message" out. They see that it works in the US. There is no reason why it shouldn't work across the border. And of course they are right. With enough money one can do anything in today's world. Literally anything. Even purchasing the murder of millions of humans.

  4. Looking at the very big picture, there is only one thing that matters now: The company that owns Marlboro cigarettes just invested in Juul, and that Fortune 100 company has the resources, sophistication and lobbying power to make a big difference for vaping.

    I am interested in your reporting on this topic.

  5. Why don't public policy makers in the health care space have even stronger enforcement rules in connection with youth vaping? Things like stiff fines would discourage youth vaping. Not just lip service but actually following through. Rather than using propaganda media messages that are B.S. have alternatively media messages explaining the punishment (i.e. fines, etc.) for youth vaping under age. Anyone under the age of 19 should not be allowed to vape. Period! When I buy e-juice I have seen the vendor ask another customer for picture I.D. to confirm their age. This was done at a vape store. That is great! Additionally, anyone who buys vaping products online should be asked for their I.D. upon delivery. I believe the vast majority of C-Stores are doing a good job in this respect. If any youth under the age of 19 is caught vaping on the street they should be fined (or at least the parents). All of this would make vaping more difficult for teens. However, B.S. media messages will work in reverse. For example, when I was a kid my friends and I would rebel by smoking. Sort of like third fingering public authorities. Strange but true. Teens like to rebel. I did as a kid. So I believe stronger punishment rules would make vaping less attractive to teens. The end result would be "it's not worth it". Too much hassle, etc. Pubic policy makers need to change their strategy. What they are doing now is essentially telling teens that they are stupid, which is 100% false. No one believes the lies from these info commercials stating that nicotine damages youth brains. Give youth more credit than that! They are smart and need better incentives to avoid vaping.

  6. I commend Dr. Tyndall for his candid and well-considered responses.  He proves to be a kind man, who genuinely cares about the health and well-being of folks everywhere, and points to ignorance as a key problem that vaping faces.  When government bureaucrats and elected officials promote policies and prohibitions from nescience, the public suffers.  The recent explosion of hype (tripe?)  assures that the public will suffer yet more.  Dr. Tyndall's efforts to educate and thus save lives deserve APPLAUSE!

  7. We all know that prohibition just drives markets underground but even if it worked then you would see teen vapers moving to combustible analog cigarettes. As an aside (and I know that teens are idiots) there should be more responsibility among vaping vendors to insure that non-smokers who want to try vaping do so with 0mg nicotine e-liquids.

  8. Dr. Tyndall gives me a shread of hope – I sincerely hope that that is not snuffed out (like a disgusting cigarette). I wish Dr. Tyndall would appear on local news stations (Global, CTV etc.) to help offset all the fear-based coverage they regurgitate without facts to back it up.

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