Michael Berkman (The Greens) urges Queensland Government to legalise Cannabis

This is taken from Queensland Parliament sitting on 3rd of April 2019 regarding Health and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2018 Michael Berkman from The …


  1. One thing I've learned living in Australia is that money is certainly valued. I know of a nursing agency who hired regular nurse/nurses to cover shifts in public health mental institutions and were not qualified to do so. Our most vulnerable citizens were put secondary to money instead of qualified staff.This is what happens when you privatise everything, including the "so called" public sector.

  2. Don't listen to these liars, they're telling you one thing but will do the opposite. Don't fall for the lies. Vote fraser anning (ANCP) for prime minister and rod Cullerton for the Senate. These two men are true Australians for the Australian people and will stop this bullshit globalization of Australia. Stay free people. Were fools if we don't.

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