LIVE: Sir Mike Penning asks Urgent Question about medicinal cannabis

LIVE: Sir Mike Penning asks Urgent Question about medicinal cannabis after it was seized at Southend Airport. Like what you see? Please subscribe …


  1. …to date as far as i am aware Not One Child has been allowed this treatment either, but they'll take your kids off you in a snap. Because they wish to help. The Hypocrisy and Money Grabbiing witnessed is maddening and sickening. Truly Shameless Actors… and for and maudlin prestige….idiots and worse …there excuses are not arguments.

  2. Only when there's money in it for some, eh guys? It's a plant. You could tax it like everything else and bring in billions for the UK economy, like with brothels and other things that you claim are immoral ("immoral", in place of scientific argument). In fact you could get away with legalising and regulating pretty much every drug. But no, I imagine we're doomed to stay in the Victorian mindset for an eternity in this stupid country (unless there's profit in something, for ministers only… or their partners), it won't be touched on in case you scare away the clueless, reactionary, voters.

  3. The few risks of cannabis are what your worried about. What about acohol and tabaco and the risks those brings; addiction, cancer, stokes, heart attacks, the list goes on and this plant is outlawed due to the ignorance of these wine sipping neck ups. I'll willingly sign up to be a guinee pig as i have no doubt that this plant wont cause me any harm as ive been smoking UNREGULATED cannabis for 5 years and have had only been to the doctors once in my life due to its medicinal properties.

    This plant does more good than bad unlike REGULATED drugs as acohol and tobaco which the government havent outlawed due to the taxes these bring in. Legalising this drug across the bored will produce more jobs another source of money for the government and will save the underfunded police money and time. How ignronant can those with a voice be.

  4. I am an ex solider of 15 years. I came out in 2006, and by 2012 I had ruined everything, suffering with PTSD. I was treated for 6 weeks (I’d like to point out how ridiculous 6 weeks is, to say you can fix an ex solider with PTSD) since then I have struggled along. I now have cannabis in my life, and things are SO SO much BETTER. less night rages, less anger, more pain relief from many many injuries due to army time, including but not limited to. Back pain, hip pain, swollen knees, stomach ulcers, and daily bleeding. I have to find people, who will sell it to me, making my life harder. Trust me the government dose not give a dam about children with pain, or soldiers. They care not at all for all. I’ll carry on doing the illegal act of smoking, because it helps me, and stops me causing issues due to my anger. Ex solider 15 years, body broken, head broken, and now I’m a criminal. I hate the country I gave my life too 🖕🏻

  5. Why the hell is cannabis illegal?
    It is thousands of times safer than alcohol. The UK government's report on the harmfulness of cannabis is out of date, unscientific, & assumption-based. Opinions are not science.
    Can you imagine if a gang of police-thugs smashed your door down, barged into your home, searched through all your belongings & confiscated any alcohol you have "because it is harmful"?
    That would be very unjust.
    It's a scientifically proven fact that alcohol is thousands of times more harmful than cannabis. This ridiculously unjust and OVERTLY oppressive prohibition era has gone on for over a century now, when will it end?
    The government has no right to use ABSOLUTELY FUCKING UNNECESSARY FORCE to prohibit something perfectly mundane that mankind has peacefully enjoyed for thousands of years.
    All the government thinks we exist for is to work & pay taxes for them to spend on their "expenses", or £300 per hour to literally fucking sleep in parliament, SUCH HYPOCRITES!
    They need to be fired for not doing their jobs properly.
    Seriously, what the hell makes them think they have some sort of divine right to prohibit cannabis?

  6. Cannabis was already decriminalized in the 80s under clinical and scientific evidence. But the plod had it reversed, cause it's their bonuses at stake, if you know what I mean.

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