Lil' Pump Arrested @ Miami Airport – "Your Bag Reeks of Weed!"

In one of our biggest stories to date, Real World Police has exclusively acquired footage from the December 2018 arrest of music sensation Lil’ Pump and his …


  1. I have no problem with adults using weed. It should be legal. But this ass hat clown trying to bring it on board like a jackass and pretending he doesn't know. Geeesh. Oh and his so called "music" is horrible low I.Q. crappy filth spewing forth from electronic speakers. The guy is a joke. Lil' Punk. He is a fad that will be replaced by some other butt fuck.

  2. I honestly don't think he's that stupid to take weed on a commercial plane. He can get weed anywhere he goes. I'm not saying he's some sort of genius but deffinetly smarter than he puts on.

  3. White people kill me when try to imitate black people or rappers.. With their funny little, hand jesters! But still doesn't excuse him for the bag the law is the law…..

  4. What a brain dead cunt, weed grows on trees you can get it anywhere in the world really easily. This just shows his maturity, then he acts like a child even further. How embarrassing if I was him I'd disappear

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