1. so whats up with Boost strips..I sent another unanswered email regarding a heads upon the supposed 4/10 release with no response…one video you state a nearly unlimited supply coming for 2019..that came and went? what happened to the 4/10 release? i requested via email already to be informed…been sitting on 10 drivers and a bunch of heatsinks for months now with this run around supply and no concrete answer for anything…where's the professionalism ?

  2. Just showed in full swing lab test I’ve experienced and the presents of mold wasn’t even visible at any point in time in any flowers but (1)!!! And 3 4×8 trays full every single flower in the room showed traces of mold !! Not high percentage but any percentage is too much !! Right?

  3. I’ve just been doing a lot of environmental analysis , when mold is present in a controlled environment!! Unless you’ve fully conditioned that room your flowers are going to be full of spores

  4. DooDoo will Occur. Can or will mold continue to grow during curing or once plant is chopped it stops? Learned some great stuff and appreciate you sharing the good and bad. Stay Lifted.

  5. Glad u were able to make it to the end greengene.. still looks like a good harvest . What is your process to clean up your room .. ie bleach etc.. ??? Thanks for all your hard work u have a great utube channel

  6. This video is a lesson for anyone out there that thinks growing is a walk in the park. You are watching shit hit the fan with a completely meticulous and very experienced grower.

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