HOW TO LEAVE THE MATRIX PART 7 – WHY I WILL NEVER DRINK ALCOHOL AGAIN Welcome to Spoon of Consciousness – this channel is dedicated to …


  1. Great video! I don’t drink but everyone around me does & i feel so out of place when going out. The pressure is real. I was told to “loosen up”, its just so wrong.

  2. I had a year and two months last summer. I have been struggling since then to stay sober. It was encouraging to watch this video today, day 1 here. starting over. I have to keep reminding myself I don't ever have to feel this way again if I don't want to. I'll def. keep watching your videos. they are supporting.

  3. Thank you so much for this video. You made some very good points! I'll be in my twenties soon and I have people around me assuming I'll be drinking and partying soon. When I express to them my view on alcohol and explain why I have no desire to drink, they brush me off and don't take me seriously. They say things like "You'll definitely need a drink in the future" or "You'll develop a thirst for it". Incredibly disrespectful. Shows how brainwashed they are. I've seen firsthand how alcohol can cause harm to a person and to people around them.

  4. Dude yes! Thankfully I have never been one to constantly drink every weekend. I definitely had my moments of drinking too much though. But now, I don't even think about having alcohol. I hate the notion that the weekends are for getting shitfaced. Its such an unhealthy lifestyle. Alcohol is just not healthy, that's a fact. I have never met anyone who woke up the next day after drinking all night, feeling so healthy and great. I remember in high school and college I would feel so lame because I wasn't going out every weekend like other people were. But I'm so glad that I didn't succumb to that.
    Great video man! Its good to know that there are people around my age who feel the same way. 😀

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