1. So I got myself a bottle of this. Don't smoke well haven't in years. I'm small guy got a bottle of 300 mg. Wanna mix it my vape king in my tank and vape this at work to help with back pain safe to do or is this gonna relax me so much I'm crashing out just curious

  2. It doesn't make me feel nothing bugging man I need my THC very disappointed that I bought this at 7-Eleven the only thing it does for me is help me from using an inhaler from my asthma but I need to go out now and smoke a bowl LOL nothing beats the real THC

  3. Just ordered the 2000 mg 60 ml bottle of the vape additive as I like to enjoy my nicotine throughout the day and I am SUPER excited to try this stuff. Got it 15% with the super fast $15 shipping for a total price of about $155. I have heard nothing but positive things about this brand no matter where I turn. I have very high expectations.

  4. Hi Josh Vapes Can you tell me is Hemp Booms Pure CBD or HEMP cus i heard its Different.. Heard HEMP HAS little CBD to none in it? IDK Im New to this i'm about to order but i'm wondering why they say hemp isn't CBD Can you help me understand this b4 i order? Thanks

  5. I tried the 75mg e-liquids. The feeling was decent.

    I tried the 250mg e-liquids… HOLY SH*T, that stuff is relaxing.
    Couch lock without the blunt. 😁

    I will say as a precaution. MAKE SURE you pay attention, and do the math for the dosage/bottle size.

    The 250mg of CBD is more concentrated than the 300mg bottles for instance, because the 250mg of CBD bottles, are 16.5ml vs 60ml and are therefore more concentrated at the 250mg. Just be aware of the dosage you're getting.

  6. I have Cerebral palsy, arthritis,back issues etc. I just bought 300mg wild blueberry. I'm not sure if it's working or not. Maybe I'm vaping it wrong(smok mag) or my pain tolerance is too much to notice. Any ideas…what wattage should I using etc

  7. I cannot thank you enough for this video. I have severe insomnia, anxiety and depression on top of blood pressure medication and chronic pain from a birth defect and neuropathy. I to want to get off all this medication especially when the FDA/DEA is making it so hard on medical professionals and the patients have to jump through hoops just to get their monthly scripts that some are not even considered narcotic! Again thank you so much truly!

  8. Just tried some for the first time like 30 min ago. Kinda made me really tired, took some sore pain away after 3 vape hits, gave me a headache, felt Snackish and was hard to think mentaly. (First time, 75mg)……. I just gotta ease into it I guess.

  9. What's up Josh, hope you're doing well. I've been wanting to try cbd but didn't know you could vape it, sounds like it could help with some problems. I take kratom for pain I wonder if it's similar? Thanks for the vid bro.

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