Durban Poison & Grape Ape – grown with Best coco nutrients

In this video I future a two different strains that are getting flushed, and are near the end of their life. Grape ape and Durban Poison. These are being grown with …


  1. I just had some Durban Poison/Grandaddy Purple cross delivered by my dispensary delivery, smells tart fruitlike and the stone is like GLONNNGGGGGG. Thanks for sharing, growing in the basement in Detroit, we’re legal now n been medical for years. You got it growing on brother, thanks for sharing.

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  3. a well done video! not always the case on yt. Plants look really nice liked the observation on terpenes at the tenth week w that strain. A soil science video would be great btw.

  4. Sick man, I'm getting ready to pop some Durban poison out here in Hawaii for my long season outdoor medical grow. Just posted my first video today. I've never grown the durbans but I'm excited 😊

  5. Jai fumer pendant plus de 20ans…jen ai perdu du temp !!! Devenu une loc afaler devant la tèlè du matin au soir…depuis que jai arreter jen fait plus en une journèe que a lepoque en une semaine….les jeunes attention au canabis cest a double tranchant!!

  6. this might sound like a stupid question but I still hope it gets answered how come after you pick the buds why can't you just clip the buds leave the plant andn leaves and it reproduce more bud

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