Durban Poison, expecting about 30% THC off this beautiful plant featuring huge sticky buds

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  1. I know you said you got it tested but 30 percent is incredibly high. I've watched other growers and that's basically unheard of without some serious pheno hunting. Ive read thc numbers getting boosted in labs when the plant is really only 20-25 percent so Im just curious if the testing is different or something? Not an expert grower or anything but 30 percent just seems high is all not trying to shit on you if its true. Excellent looking plants, i got purple kush, blue mystic and ak47 going myself. Never tested them but my purple kush has to be above 20 at least. Anything over 20 is potent shit anyways frankly lol cheers man.

  2. High Wizard NPK , you can live stream from a desktop or laptop at anytime the subscriber limits are only for the youtube phone app hope that helps ya, great content btw.

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