1. TRUST is why you have the latitude to trim their shrubs without question. I have been doing it for years now because they TRUST me. On top of that, my minimum starts at $95…. TRUST, TRUST, TRUST. I won't do it unless they really need it.

  2. And to add I have some commercial clients that absolutely love the fact that I go above and beyond their expectations! This alone has yielded me so many more gainful opportunities within my business. Like you said we have to take risks to achieve any gains, it's either that or stay stagnant.

  3. I have done that with clients that I think want it. Then when I invoice them I told them I did it at my own risk and I can't remove the charge if needed. They were happy I did it and paid the invoice. Some customers I know I would bite the bullet so I don't do it. Get a feel for your customers, and get to know them a little.

  4. That shrub thing you do is reassuring for you that your customers believe in you.they trust you will trim shrubs only when needed and that you won’t over charge for the service.that shows solidarity on your part.usually there’s that one guy that would bitch even if you hung him with a brand new silk rope but the fact that you have no complaints whatsoever is amazing.thats definitely something to be proud of

  5. Those are some nice flak jackets. What prizm lens is that? and how do you like it for mowing? I have a pair of flak jackets that I've had for over 5 years and it's time for new lenses

  6. Double hung windows breaking needs to go to insurance company in my opinion, if not installed correct the damage water down the road can cause can get expensive. Maybe you have window installation experience and I’m not aware. One thing is for sure you sound like an honest honorable guy

  7. Sorry about the window; happens to everyone I guess. Not a matter of IF it's going to happen, but WHEN. Congrats on your decade in the lawn care industry! It sounded like you were going to mention the Nextdoor app. I've not had any luck with it, but have somehow been getting lucky with Google.

  8. I been getting new clients and they say the reason they let go of their gardener is because they charge for extra thing that they don't approve. 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

  9. you don't use you insurance for that payout Joan pocket as his part of a business because you do not want to claim insurance on something that load because it end of costing you more than one they want to wait you premium and payment at happens I am 30 years I've never can in 40 years of never broken piece of glass home asked me but my man half more than I want think about pub Mitchell with that I own the property so I thought I have to replace that my own money anyways a just have my own meet and spend it but you not cut shrubs without permission but they asked you and the palm is you got one problem if you cut it and they don't pay for it you can't exactly just stop that's why you don't do that kind of stuff to do it anything well with it says and your contract cuz now that expected and if you don't do it then they kind of go will you know you did it I should have to pay for it so just like you said just be careful on anything you do extra that's why we don't really do anything extra clothes like I said don't think change enjoyed cuz I don't know but picture of you tools and they take care of you as a Dr money maker and care of each other but most of yourself and good good luck anyone

  10. Hey Johnny I love you bro…keep doing what you doing…i watch your videos all the time I don't do comments much but …I am always looking at the videos and loving it…pop smoke peace

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