Daniel Ciccarone on the Opioid Crisis

The nationwide Heroin in Transition study sends researchers, including UCSF’s Daniel Ciccarone, MD, MPH, into the field to get to know and truly understand …


  1. You conveniently show the downtrodden areas…but you may want to look in the affluent areas, that's where all the death is…stop playing games, we all see it. It's an extinction level event

  2. You might look back to how much they over-prescribed in the 15 years prior to 2015.
    I've been on opiates since 2001. They used to have me on 95mg methadone and 50 mg oxycontin and that was pre-surgery levels. It was 50% more after surgery. So yeah, why not start THERE?
    On much less than that now, and I took MYSELF off of those high doses, NOT them.

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