CBD Oils Banned From 2019 Lucas Oil AMA Motocross

CBD oils Are Banned from the 2019 Lucas Oil AMA Motocross Championships. What are your thoughts? Pro Rider : …


  1. Im an ambassador and representative for a few CBD companies….. I think that NBC sports is ran by a bunch of Democrats, that feel if they dont make their 2 cents off of a product that the riders/pro/consumers are wanting in high demand then lets just fuckin cancel it all together!! Next thing we are gonna hear is that President Trump is the reason for this CBD influx!!!!! I use CBD and marijuana flowers on a daily….. And yes i smoke pot……lol…… And i will never stop….. Im a grandparent in our sport so fuck'em ….. I say keep the censorship stickers all over the endorsements because we all know what the fuck it is anyways!!!!!

  2. The reason Lucas Oils banned CDB Oils, is because they are afraid that Ignite or other company’s will take the headline sponsorship away.
    “Ignite CBD Oils Ama Pro Motocross “
    Just food for thought lol

  3. This past december cbd was completely decriminalized BUT the problem is everyone thinks of cbd they think of thc…also it costs alot to test to know if its thc or cbd so they dont want that problem either. But the facts is its sooooo stupid because its truuuuuly beneficial especially for working out. But theres alot of push back politically sooo it comes into everything ya kno? But the fact is its truly beneficial and alot of cbd u can get the isolate not the full spectrum so it wont show on a drug test. Federally full spectrum cbd cant have over 3% thc but for a strip test itll show positive for thc…in a lab test itll be a false positive because its such a low amount. The isolate only has cbd and still is truly beneficial qnd wont show up. Anyways theres my opinion hahaha

  4. Jeez, c'mon …
    The "problem" is it isn't legal everywhere in the U.S., not stupidity of promoters, nor sanctioning bodies …
    a REAL surprise it's not banned by WADA – that says aLot !

    Stupid Arguement to say, "… Red Bull (or so many more products) aren't good for you …" – no Arguement there, but it's not considered ILLEGAL as CBD Oil is in some parts of U.S.

    and, just for clarification, we have a vested interest in the farming of Industrial Hemp in Kentucky, and proud of our Ag. Commissioner who, with the help of the great people in our state (special mention to Katie and Tanya at Kentucky Hemp Works – organic, grown and processed in Kentucky) …
    none of which would have been possible if the 2018 Farm Bill (Federal-level) hadn't been signed by the President
    That being the vase, where it's illegal is at your state's level – THAT is the problem

  5. Actually CBD that is harvested from hemp containing less than .03 THC is perfectly legal in all 50 states now. It actually has been since 2014 under the industrialized hemp act. Marijuana is still federally illegal. The difference between Marijuana and Hemp is simply hemp contains less than .03% THC and you can't get high from it. Marijuana contains THC and can get you high.
    I sell CBD and yes some states like to ignore the fact that Hemp and anything made from it is federally legal and they like to say that there is no difference between hemp and marijuana. Ultimately this is literally a case of ignorance on behalf of state governments, AMA and NBC. Anybody can look up this information but choose not to.

  6. Last time I broke my collarbone I had really bad nerve pain from the surgery. Pre-surgery all I used was acetaminophen and bud, but the doc said the pain would get worse after surgery so he prescribed me 50 (!) vicodin. And yea, the pain did get worse after surgery, but the pills did nothing for it! In fact it made it worse because I was so irritable. I tried using cbd oil in fairly high doses along with regular bud, and thankfully it really dulled the sharp nerve pain and kept me calm. Threw out my pills after 2 days.
    I wonder why MX Sports and (((Feld))) refuse to accept these companies, seeing as the product is beneficial to their riders and this ban just removes more sponsor dollars. Could it be a conflict of interest regarding another sponsor or company? 🤔

  7. Does it really work? As anyone who has ridden hard into their 30s arthritis is a bitch. Being 38 and being told I have shoulders in need of replacement as well as a knee that isn’t far behind and taking every natural supplement looking for relief, does it work? Im sure some conservative states and sponsors along with big Pharma are flexing some muscle here. Unfortunately if there is THC in it my profession will not allow the use of it anyway along with many others. But does it work asking for a friend….

  8. You watch if & when Ignite gets as big as Monster, these big corporations (NBC,AMA etc) will fold like a cheap lawn chair ! There can be only one oil for motocross and that's Lucas ! Good vid JH !

  9. shit fuck that smoke weed everyday . cannabis changed my life and got me back on the right track with my ptsd . if it wasn't for cannabis I probably would've blown my head off by now…. or somebody else

  10. I have a bad allergy to pot. I can't use it. But I do think this is completely bullshit. Natural healing rather then popping pills to take the pain away should be encouraged not banned. Sounds like the big drug companies are trying to run MX like they do our legal drug pushing doctors. I know lots of people who are hooked on pills because their doctor prescribed pain meds that are way to strong for most people to handle. Bottom line is the big drug companies ruin people.

  11. the way i see this is that the networks are protecting themselves, shweet. They also indicating that it is quite alright to do your thing with sponsorship and in your own time you not going to get checked up on so just don't add the graphics to your bike and clothing, slap it all over your bus and do a sponsorship vid on the side to promote it. The day will come where it is legal in all your American states and they will have to either bend or make a new rule. Thanks for the vid Johnny, ride on !!

  12. understandable in part of AIRING it nationwide…
    knowing some states have not legalized it.

    but damn! the sport needs good sponsors though…
    Bring target publix wal mart camel marlboro dollar store good Lord help the sport out.

  13. Can u still do heroin and race i remember when i use to shoot up and go raced not only have faster lap times be way faster but my heart rate would stay super low and i wouldnt feel any pain.

  14. They like you to believe that CBD is devoid of THC BUT ITS NOT, they have only manipulated the drug so it doesn't show up as THC in a drug screen. Other than rope, marijuana has no medicinal benefits without the THC. So when you rub it on your body its absorbed thru your skin and into your blood stream, and will impair you if enough is rubbed in. Excellent for pain but you wouldn't want to rub a bunch on you then go out and do a 30 minute moto. What happened to Jason Anderson? He didn't even make an attempt to defend his title! Have any news on him?

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