CBD Distillery 500mg Oil Review

In this transmission I review CBDistilleries 500mg full spectrum CBD oil. Check it out here: Also check make sure you’re on …


  1. Incredibly imformative… wish I woulda came across your video when I first started researching. You pretty much confirmed the general consensus of what info I was ultimately most interested in. 😏

  2. I’m thankful for this video I have crippling anxiety and have been recently pulled from taking Xanax being that I’ve been on it 5 years.. this is my last hope honestly 🙏🏿

  3. Just bought the same bottle the other day but I bought the green bottle with .3thc . But I heard there was a lot of fake products being sold claiming to be CBD so I looked it up and came upon this video now I'm glad I'll keep buying this product. Thanks.

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