Cannabis: Huge Reduction In Arrests For Drug Possession In London

Cannabis: Huge Reduction In Arrests For Drug Possession In London An investigation has found a dramatic reduction in cannabis arrests across London.


  1. So just wanted to comment that every so called con in that video was actally untrue over 90% of the evidence we have suggests that there are no long term harmfull effects of Cannabis. 2 No it doesnt normalise the use of drugs since its already normal and please show me a legal place that had a huge uptick in public use of drugs after legalization and that comes to the final point its a gateway drug Depends on the person! For some sure but guess what the whole gateway drug comes from a propaganda campaign against weed through the 20th centuary

  2. Please fuck off with the gateway drug nonsense. All of the "cons" are conjecture at best and objectively false at worst. Weed is not a gateway drug. Everywhere it is legal, there is a reduction in alcohol abuse and hard drug abuse that follows. Drug use is already "normalised" by use of alcohol. Alcohol is a drug too, a much worse and more addictive drug that is reaponsible for thousands of deaths in the UK every year, excluding driving while intoxicated, weed has been responsible for precisely 0 deaths in human history.

  3. If legalised It would probably have an initial novelty surge then die down to normal levels and be treated much the same as alcohol. Most people drink responsibly with a blow out at the weekend. Weed has the added advantage of reducing violence not creating it. Should’ve been done years ago. The Scottish government had a recent call to legalise medicinal use refused by Westminster. The reasons for Indy just keep stacking up.

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