1. EsSelamün aleyküm ve Rahmetullahi ve berekatuhu every people…
    God willing, 4 weeks will finish cancer
    1. 3-4 times a day before meals A glass of milk + a spoon of turmeric + small black piper
    2. Every day 3-4 times 0.5 gr THC( MARİHUANA) OİL

  2. Am here to testify of about a herbal medicine which saved my life..I have been suffering from Lung cancer for over 2 years but today I am happy that am cured from it with the herbal medicine made by Dr isah the great herbalist, I was browsing through the Internet searching for help when I came across a testimony shared by someone on how Dr isah cured her from breast cancer. I quickly contacted him to get the herbal medicine so after paying for the herbal medicine He asked me to give him two days to prepare my medicine and send to me , just like what he told me it was on Monday morning he sent me the receipt of DHL delivery company, And it took 4working days for the medicine to get to me , And dr Isah told me how to use my herbal medicine , I had to bath with the roots and I had to Mixed the powder with Honey while I had to be drinking the herbs for both morning and Night for complete two weeks and 4days just like DR isah asked me , But before that two weeks I noticed some changes In my body system and Lungs , so I had to go for a check up It was confirmed that my Lungs are clean , and I Have no cancer anymore,I am so much happy today that we have someone like this great herbalist out there who took over from Dr sebi,I know there are cancer patients out there reading this Testimony I have shared I want you to know that This is real and There is nothing Impossible for God's doing just like how I have never doubt the word of God, and this herbalist will surely help you, Contact him now via Email to order for your herbal cure on [email protected]yahoo.com, you can also write him via whatsapp (+17065914535) .

  3. I think you can heal cancer with tumeric, because when i do it in my juicer, i feel it like a cancer killer booster. I can recommended evryone in the world to use tumeric, because it's so healthy for your body. I have found a nice book, who explain all about the functions and healing effects of tumeric. https://goo.gl/mLLhS2

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  5. I was healed healthy a man called alfredo in Dominican Republic with 12 shots goodbye cancer I'm completely healthy here I leave the number who wants to really heal +18099888539 that's your whasa

  6. Hello folks, Health challenges are man's constant challenge no matter how we try to stay healthy as explained to me by Dr. Kany He's a herbal doctor based in the US. I've been diagnosed of breast cancer for 10 months and I'm so grateful to him Dr. Kany who helped me cure me of this disease last 5 weeks. I was in great pain so I told one of my best friend and she told me there's a doctor that can cure my breast cancer and I asked her if she had his contact and she said yes and she gave me his email, I mailed him, he talked to about his treatment, when the doctor here in Philly told me that I'm now cancer free, I couldn't believe myself, I went to see another doctor and the result was still the same. If you are having a similar problem don't hesitate to contact Dr Kanya email:
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  7. I call this bullshit. Indians use turmeric in almost all dishes, everyday and a heck lot of Indians have cancer. My mother have cancer. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, that's it.

  8. Olive leaf, apricot seeds, and grapes are all foods that kill cancer. Also staying away from refined sugar is crucial, and there is research to prove it, it’s just being deeply hidden by the pharmaceutical industry.

  9. Turmeric & Cilantro are the 2 spices we all need to use regularly. Another root that is powerful against cancer is Dandelion root it is high in potassium & vitamin A same as Carrot Juice but much more concentrated. For the placebo effect getting the mind to heal the body,mind & spirit a great way is when your in the Shower visualize all your sickness,pain & disease getting attached to the water & flowing down the drain, out to the street & away from you forever.

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