1. Luckily my dirt source came from a nursery. They are the ones who suggested a mix of sand and mulch for my raised beds. If you want to hear another rookie mistake with dirt when I first started gardening I bought bags of the garden soil, usually miracle grow brand. Problem was that's ALL I used, so plants didn't grow well at all without that sand in the mix to retain water. It's probably good soil by now. Been a few years since I moved.

  2. Glad I saw this Mark thank you I was about to buy that soil which said premium I think I will stick to buying the bags as I only have a small area maybe later I will get one scoop of ordinary soil instead. Love your videos you have great knowledge, which helps me a lot.

  3. Very helpful. Some stray cats used my raised beds as litter boxes and now I need to replace my nice soul. Any advice would be much appreciated.

  4. Howdy Mark, More questions if you dont mind, Ive moved on to this one hehe, About the soil or fill, As you might know there are plently of people on gumtree offering screened soil, some sandy some clay etc for free, what is your opinion on this type of soil?

  5. Hi Mark, I've been watching your videos for a while now and very, very much have been enjoying them. I've longed to tend to a garden of my own and you've given me the information and confidence to start this year. Thank you for sharing your invaluable knowledge and taking out your time to make such excellent quality videos. Wishing you all the best from out here in Canada. Happy harvesting!!

  6. On those occasions when I have to use bought soil, I go for something that specifically says garden or compost soil on the bag. Where I live, calling the native stuff in the ground soil is an insult to real soil. Southern Florida is what I call 'mangrove generated' land near the coastal areas, such as Fort Myers, where I live. This means the sand underfoot was put there by the mangroves which, several thousands of years ago grew around this area. Mangrove roots trap and hold ocean sand…causing the formation of beaches and swamp, estuaries, etc. This means there's a native SALT content to the stuff here. Which kills most veggies in a hurry, yes? So, bringing in non-native soils is essential. Now, where I am specifically has three to seven inches of very slowing moving water in it for about six month of the year, which means my beds are not only raised, but the bottoms are clear of the ground for several inches. Either that or I use hanging baskets which are quite large. Either way, I tend to use Miracle Gro Garden soil because it's compost based and the land here…as a growing medium, is limited to salt tolerant NATIVE wild plants. Most of those are either inedible, or they are trees. Mango grows quite well here as do most fruit bearing citrus trees, palms and bananas of various species, but I want a wider diet than that and I depend on what I grow for food. Poor person, here! The stuff in the bags, even when bone dry, is nearly BLACK with richness and when you water you smell THAT smell, the one that signals a top grade soil. Not sure what you have to put up with down there, but companies here know that if they try to market something as premium when it isn't, they're likely going to have two things happen…first, the product will be returned to the seller…yes, we'll save the bags and the receipts, on new products and if it doesn't perform as claimed, we'll put it back in the bag and get our money back…and if they complain, we'll sue both the maker and the seller. Tends to put a quick stop to that sort of nonsense.

  7. Hi Mark as always very valuable information and honestly I've learnt a lot from your videos i have one question , My husband planted a seed of cheery and now its about 30cm he doesnt now if it will make fruit in three or four years . We love to here from you great video as always we love you thank you for sharing💚💚👍

  8. Great knowledge and advice it takes years to gain this experience thanks for passing it on ya bloody legend. I’m just getting into the horticulture industry and your vids have been priceless. Cheers mate

  9. Thank you, that was very informative! keep up the good work, your videos and so helpful and just the right amount of humor makes it enjoyable also, Thank you again!

  10. is too late for me I have the same problem I bought soil premium for my vegies from a landscape company I was blaming the seeds for not germinating   Now After see you video I know why  I have very poor garden vegie soil  I had made a big mistake who knows what kind of soil they sold me  Thank you for the very informative video I am learning

  11. I had exactly the same issue when I changed to a new local landscape supply co. I was previously buying loads of 50% topsoil and 50% mushroom compost, mulching it and then ageing it for a season. But one of the local supply co's changed management and impressed me with their spiel about their "veg mix" soil – a beautiful blend of premium soil, compost and aged manures. Thought I could plant into it straight away, so I was sold. It was moist when I first got it and seemed light and loose but it did feel a little "sandy/thin", so I thought I'd add a bit more compost and it'd be great. Within a day the top of the soil dried to dust. After watering it literally just turned to mud, creating a baked, cracked crust when dry. I just don't understand how these companies that "specialise" in soils and mulches etc. can think these mixes are acceptable. The only way I can fathom that they sell them with a straight face, is that none of the staff have actually used the soils to grow in themselves, which just blows my mind.

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