waptek the Blackstone mercenary Seattle hobo cures Fukushima cancer with Philippians cannabis

Why are you so interested about the Philippines? You want to be one of us? Yeah, why can’t you tell us about your high and mighty country America maybe you …


  1. Everyday Jews have the same problem that everyday Americans have. you don't like reading verbatim hmmm anyway I'm not anti Jewish I'm anti Greed . You freaking caffeine freak! I'm joking with you because you are a trip.. good bad or ugly! now go get yourself some coffee n' relax. My knees are a mess n' unfortunately a lot of other parts also just because I liked to do things that after a while injure ya. including the work I did. ๐Ÿ•ถ

  2. you burn strontium every 4th of july the red stars in the sky next to the white and the blue ones are red because of strontium salts here its the 5th of november, same colour scheme, coincidence? you tell me, just asking questions, thanks obama etc, etc

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